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World Poetry Wins An Award For Chinese Voices from the Past, Present and Future!

Award from Richmond , 2013.

Ariadne’s notes: We would like to thank the Richmond Public Library,  the poets, participants and the great audience for this . 

World Poetry appreciates this special award and will put in on display at World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival, April 4-30th!

World Poetry Richmond Proudly Presents Chinese Voices from the Past, Present and Future.

March 9,  2013, 2-4 pm, Richmond Public Library,  100, 7000 Minoru Gate, Kwok-Chu Lee Living Room on the main floor. Richmond, BC, Canada.

Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer, MA, (co-founder of World  Poetry) and Yilin Wang. (World Poetry Youth Team Leader)

First Nations welcome.
World Poetry Welcome,  On Hearing Monk Jun from Shu Playing His Qin
Li Bai (701 – 762)  Yilin Wang, Chinese,  Elaine Woo, English  and Bong Ja , Korean. 

Learning from the past:
Tommy Tao: Ancient poetry in China . Bio and poems of Li Bai. The art of translation.

Listening to the present:
Chinese contemporary poems, song and writing.

Shirley Sue-A-Quan.

Catherine Huiqing Shi.

Jenny Tse.

Grant Hsu :

 World Poetry Woven Word Tapestry  Let Us Drink by Li Bai : Woven segments in Cantonese, Mandarin ,  Middle English, English, Tagalog, Nepali, Polish and others.
Hopes for the future: WP Youth Team Leader : Yilin Wang.

A multilingual, intercultural event.
Free all welcome.

World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival 2013 Winners!




Ariadne’s Note:

It is  with great pleasure that we announce the award winners for the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival 2013.

Each entry was nominated by one or more people, and went through a background check. The awards are based on humanitarian and peace efforts to make the world a better place.

Many of the award winners are youth. They show a wonderful commitment for peace and the respect of others. Each award winner has sacrificed to promote peace and understanding and in some instances  have shown great courage in the face of adversity.

For the first time ever, we had 10 film, doc entries. With help from our community parter Cinevolution, we were able to include the film award winners this year. The two films will be shown during the peace festival.

Please welcome the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival 2013 Award Winners:


A flower for our award winners







Empowered Poets:

Empowered poet, Wanda-John Kehewin.

Empowered Poet Yilin Yang.

Godwin Barton.

Empowered Poet Saleh Mazumder.

Empowered poet, Penn Kemp.

Empowered poet, Oswald Okaitei.

Empowered poet, Olawuyi Mutiu. 

Empowered poet, Ljubomir Mihajlovski,

Empowered poet, Ljupce Zahariev,

Empowered poet, Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah.

Empowered poet, Selene Bertelsen.

Empowered poet, Caroline C. Nazareno, (Ceri Naz)

 Empowered Poet, Yaman Saleh.

Music, acting, art, graphic art, photography:

Rio Samaya, (Pancho and Sal) Empowered Band.

Yoshifuma Sakura, Empowered Composer

Angelo Moroni, Empowered actor.

Sattar Saberi , Empowered artist.

Kwame Agyare Yirenkyi, Empowered Graphic Artist.

Atia Abawi, Empowered Journalist.


Sharif Saedi, Empowered filmmaker (Silence)

Rahmat Haidari , Empowered Director (Broken Voices of Poetry)

Sajia Hussain Azmat , Empowered Humanitarian & Director (Broken Voices of Poetry)


M&M, Empowered Photographer

World Poetry Ambassador to Nepal, Mk Shrestha.

World Poetry Ambassador to Japan: Frederico Gordo.

Greetings from our winners 2012!

Award winners 2012!