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World Poetry Celebrates Ibrahim Honjo and Tatjana Debeljacki!








Ariadne at World Poetry Peace and Human Rights Display at UBC .

Ariadne’s Notes:

Good show with Ibrahim Honjo on The World Poetry Café Radio Show, CFRO 100.5 FM  June 7, 1-2 PM PST in a joint book launch celebration of two new books. WP theme music by Yoshifumi Sakura. WP Team: Ariadne Sawyer, Producer and host, Victor Swartzman , super tech and Sharon Rowe, special volunteer. A brand new Big Bessie Story by Sharon Rowe was read by Victor.





Ibrahim Honjo was born 1948 in the former Yugoslavia Since January 1995 he has lived in Canada.

Honjo is a poet-writer, sculptor, painter, photographer, and property manager who writes in his native language and in English. His work has appeared in many magazines, newspapers, and on radio stations in Yugoslavia where he worked as an economist and journalist. He was also a book editor; newspapers editor; marketing director; and organizer of many poetry events and festivals. His poems have also been published in several magazines and radio stations in Canada and USA.

He is the author of 26 published books and one book with another author. His work is represented in more than 20 anthologies. Some his poems have been translated into: Italian, Spanish, Korean, Slovenian, Bahasa Malaysia, Mongolian and German.Honjo received several prizes for his poetry. The Sculpture of the Day.  

 Father’s Day Celebrations started with a special poem by Kathy Figueroa.  Ibrahim He did a great job reading in Serbian and introducing the second book launch of the show, a beautiful book by : SAVRŠENSTVO PERFECTION 完璧さ New book Tatjana Debeljački タチアナ デベリャスキ, in Serbian, English and Japanese.





Tatiana Debeljacki  writes poetry, short stories, stories and haiku. She is a Member of Association of Writers of Serbia -UKS since 2004. She is Haiku Society of Serbia- Deputy editor of Diogen. She also is the editor of the magazine Poeta.


New book Tatjana Debeljački  タチアナ デベリャスキー

Serbian English and Japanese


Nestaje zajedništvo.

Gubimo se napuštajući sebe.

Kasno je za otkrivanje simbola.

Izraz je oblik istraživanja.

na ulazu govornih komora.

Razloge spore žrtvujemo brzim rečima.

Rastanak je hroničar bez hronike.

Tumačenja naslućujemo po značenjima vrednosti.

Ne mučimo tigrove unutrašnošću neba.

Dragi kamen smo izgubili.

Potraga je uzaludan trud.

Gajimo veru okolnosti slučaja.

Obraz pokazuje tragove dlanova.

Predugo sanjamo pretnje odgovornosti.

Ironično razrešenje sumnje ostavljamo za kraj.

Tragove zaveštavamo siročićima.

Bog je bio slavljen..

Iz zapisa izvlačimo po potrebi.

Nismo uvideli da sve je prolaznosti sklono.

I duboki jaz između poljubaca,


Konkursa za najlepšu ljubavnu pesmu, koji tradicionalno organizuje Dom kulture iz Ivanjice.Selektor konkursa, pesnik Milijan Despotović


Togetherness disappears.

We are lost while leaving ourselves.

It’s too late for finding symbols.

The expression is a form of research

at the entrance of voice ventricles.

We sacrifice slow reasons to the quick words.

Parting is a chronicler with no chronicles.

Interpretations are hinted in the meanings of values ​​.

Let’s not torture the lions with the inner space of the sky.

We have lost the gemstone.

The search is wasted effort.

We nurture the faith of case circumstances.

Cheek shows the traces of palms.

For too long we dream the threats of responsibility.

Ironic solution of doubting we have left for the end.

We demise traces for the orphans.

God was praised, unfortunately.

From the scriptures we take out when needed.

We did not realize that all is prone to cease.

And a deep gap between the kisses,

We did not admit.

*The 25th contest for the best love song, traditionally held by the

Cultural centre in Ivanjica. The contest director is a poet Miljan Despotovic
























Copyright by  Tatjana Debeljački. All rights go to the author.

World Poetry Features Synn Kune Loh-a Must Hear Show!




Ariadne’s Notes:

On November 30, 1-2 pm , PST, CFRO, 100.5 FM, The World Poetry Café was honoured to present the talented, poet, writer, artist and musician, Synn Kune Loh.

It was a profound and moving show, probably the most moving of our 18 years plus existence on the show. Synn Kune Loh  read poetry, sang songs and talked  about his new book, The Ping Pong Diaries. Which is being published by Silver Bow Publishing in January. The healing process, dealing with challenges and transformation were discussed as personal stories were shared.

The World Poetry Team, Ariadne Sawyer, MA, Host and producer, Victor Schwartzman , Technical engineer and Sharon Rowe, Special volunteer. Music by Synn Kune Loh. Selected e-poems from the World Poetry E-Anthology on the main page.


CLICK  HERE to listen for the show!







Synn Kune Loh is a visual artist, a painter, a poet ad a song writer. 

He is the author of a book of poetry titled “A Journey to Camatkara,”and a CD, “Return to the Boundless Light.” He was born in China and grew up in Hong Kong.

He received a BA in psychology from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticutt, U.S.A.

While studying for his MA in Cultural Psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario,he took a trip to Paris and discovered his passion to make art. He went to the Ontario College of Art and began a career as an exhibiting artist. His early paintings were abstract landscapes,followed by themes that stem from a metaphysical content. 

His poetry has an unique expression that is both touching and inspiring. Diagnosed with early Parkinson’s Disease, he used Ping Pong as a healing agent, and wrote a book titled “Ping Pong, Parkinson’s, and the Art of Staying in the Game.” The book will be published by Silver Bow Press in January, 2018.


If speaking is just making noise.

If talking is too much about facts.

Conversation is connection.

If real conversation is silence,

a heart to heart communication.

If contemplation is mind expansion,

an underrated pleasure.

beyond the physical dimension.

meditation is soul revelation.

If surviving samsara is our journey.

Remembering nirvana is our destination.

If poetry is a new leaf

emerging from the old self.

Let us talk to each other then,

with poetry, the real conversation.

Synn Kune Loh (C) All rights reserved by author.




World Poetry Presents Soramaru Takayama and Yurie Hoyoyon






World Poetry Cafe presents our last show on Wall Street before moving back to the old station on Columbia! On July 13, 1-2 pm PST, CFRO,we welcome Soramaru Takayama – Poet. www.takayamasoramaru.com
 Soramaru is a member of the artist collective Tasai. Sora brings his innovative poetry monodrama to Vancouver by way of ongoing solo performances and through collaboration with nationally recognized poets visiting from Japan. His first poetry book “Tsuki To Buranko” was published in 2014, taking him on three successful tours in Japan.  He has performed for the Canada Japan Friendship Association, Joy Kogawa House, and was commissioned to create and perform a poem for the 110th Anniversary of the VJLS-JH.  Sora hosts an annual event, Japanese Poets North of the 49th, that is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. He is the founder and owner of Vegan Pudding & Co.  www.takayamasoramaru.com
Yurie Hoyoyon, Manager of the poet Soramaru Takayama, Media relation coordinator for JPN49th Illustrator / Portrait artist / TV reporter for Nikkei TV www.yuries.com
 Music and poem by Yoshimi Sakura read by Yurie Hoyoyo in Japanese and
Ariadne Sawyer in English.
 Blue Earth, theme song for World Poetry played at special occasions.

Caring message from  World Poetry Beloved Honorary  Son Rahmat Haidari :“I do not want violence anywhere in the world and no human being forced to immigrate. It is very painful because of the insecurity and the loss of the family moving away. The aspirations, of the family, of culture lost.

For all the people of the world, I wish peace and friendship.”

Rahmat Haidari is multi- award winning filmmaker and peace and human rights advocate who had to flee his country and now resides in Germany where he will bring his talents and expertize to help the world.