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World Poetry Celebrates Debashish Haar from India!

Ariadne’s Notes: A warm welcome to a talented poet Debashish Haar  whose work is both unique and thoughtful. His poems  tantalize the reader with such lines as: “nearby cafes sell cups full of stories. “









About the Author: Debashish Haar has been writing poetry since he was a grad school student, and has since been published in numerous quarterlies and monthly literary magazines across the globe. He was the editor-in-chief of the alchemy post magazine (now defunct). He is a follower of surrealism and magical realism schools and believes that content is more important than form; however, he secretly admires metrical masterpieces of Howard Nemerov, Elizabeth Bishop, Dylan Thomas, Robert Frost, etc.   He writes in the vicissitudes surrounding our life and times. A Data Scientist during the weekdays, he is a Poet outside his work hours.


In the chaos of this night shadows walk past:
 try to hold them, but they slip out of my hands.
  In the vastness of the desert (where wind is the eternal master)
life plays a losing game with sand.
I live its confusion, collecting the winnowed remains of some map.
 My progress erases each day…

Copyright©2004, Debashish Haar, All Rights Reserved ®



The confusion of night is trivia
like finding moon
 among those possessed
by thousands of window panes.
 The darkness pours
 in a glass, the drink tastes
 like night, and wind turns brittle
and inebriated. 

In the morning the sun tastes
like lemon tea,
 and plays shadow dice during the day.
News items pour in
that smell of poorly brewed coffee;
 nearby cafes sell
 cups full of stories.
After the nine-to-five
the moment imagines
rain play harp and conch, riding
 a wind chariot that never arrives.

Copyright©2009 Debashish Haar, All Rights Reserved ®


World Poetry Celebrates Wida Tausif, from Afghanistan and New Zealand!

Ariadne’s notes: We are honoured to present the work of  yet another wonderful youth poet Wida  Tausif . World Poetry is so blessed with such talented children and youth that shine a bright light for both the present and the future. I am constantly amazed at the level of talent and empowerment of the Afghan poets, filmmakers, photographers and humanitarians  that we know. So proud of them all!

wida 1

Afghan New Zealander, Wida Tausif, was born in Afghanistan in 1992. Her family fled to Pakistan and lived in Peshawar for 9 years. Life there was uncertain, and they registered with the United Nations High Commission to find a safer place to live. Encountering many hurdles along the way, they were eventually granted residency to New Zealand, which Wida felt was ‘the furthest part of the world’… she has since moved to Melbourne. Wida has a very real talent for writing about her homeland and her many emotional experiences. She puts into words the often traumatic and difficult transition from Afghanistan to Peshawar, Peshawar to New Zealand and eventually to Australia.  Wida’s main goals in life are to ‘bring light in my people’s heart and keeping our Afghan culture alive’ by writing and becoming an official representative of her beautiful country. Wida does this through her beautifully deep crafted poetry. Bernadette Hall, a well-known NZ poet, said of Wida’s poem, “My Sweet Afghanistan” ‘…reminds me of some of the work of South American liberationist poets, like Neruda and Vallejo’. This same poem was nominated in Canterbury during National Poetry Day (competition) 2010.

She writes: ” Here are some links:   I also Contribute articles to a variety of Magazine, both Australian, Afghani and Bollywood which is Indian.”

Here is one of her powerful poems:


Her new book is Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams!





World Poetry Celebrates Deborah Kelly from Canada!

Sharon and radio 005

Ariadne’s: Notes:The special guest  on the World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Victor Schwartzman  was the poetess Deborah L. Kelly  reading from her new book Through My Eyes which is being  being launched tonight. The show was also dedicated to Sharon Rowe on her birthday. The Great Homework Caper was read from the book the Big Bessie Stories. CLICK HERE to hear the show!

Deborah has has had her works published in numerous anthologies, books, magazines both in Canada, USA and India. She currently hosts and features with Poetic Justice in New Westminster throughout the year. Deborah has also Featured for Poetry in The Park, Holy Wow Poets, Surrey Muse, World Poetry and Edge of The Page Poetry. She has also been on World Poetry Co-Op Radio twice. Deborah’s debut book of poetry, “Through My Eyes,” was published in 2015, Silver Bow Publishing. A Director for two years, Royal City Literary Arts Society; Deborah also achieved Fourth Place winner in the Rabindranath Tagore Awards, 2015.

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