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World Poetry Celebrates The Talented Musician Sera Serpa!



The World Poetry Café  on June  14,  (CFRO 100.5 FM )at 1:30 PM PST, celebrated the  beautifully talented  musician and composer Sara Serpa with her new CD  Close Up. Brought to us by our great partners Braitwaite and Katz. I absolutely loved her new CD which combines her lovely voice with cello and tenor sax.

Also on the show was a beautiful poem by Kagan Goh for his father read by Ariadne Sawyer and a Father’s Day poem from Elaine Woo read by our great tech Victor Schwartzman. Another Big Bessie story from  Special Volunteer Sharon Rowe was  also read by Victor. 

Due to technical difficulties  at 1:10 PM, Herb Bryce will be re-scheduled to August 2nd.







 Notes  by Sara Serpa on her new CD : “Close Up can be explained, interpreted, and heard through multiple angles of its creative process and performance.

The configuration of voice, saxophone and cello exposes each instrument in a vulnerability that sometimes verges on discomfort, much like a Close Up photograph that is saturated with detail. As a trio, we are faced with the challenges of finding a way to work together while playing within this hyper-detailed setting and this uneasy close range. From within this exposure, we look for cohesion, and collective sound. I wrote the material, but the music took shape in the process of our rehearsals and the time we spent together, discussing and trying. The recording process, too, continued the concept of exposure. All of us were present in the same room as we recorded, taking away the possibility of correcting mistakes—no chance of going back.

The compositions themselves also reveal Close Ups of different episodes in my life. Each episode as it took place by itself felt simultaneously important and isolated. Put together the episodes create a whole—life itself, with its moments of joy and sadness.  The compositions assume the different languages from throughout my life. In English, my adopted second language, there are texts by two women whose writing I greatly admire: Virginia Woolf and philosopher and feminist Luce Irigaray. Portuguese, my mother tongue, appears in “Pássaros”, a poem by the late Ruy Bello, gone too soon. Departure from and avoidance of language is part of my work. When I come to sing or compose, in the moment I lack words, I sing sounds. Sounds that alone find their meaning. The wordless voice becomes another Close Up of a moment, emotion or expression. There are different challenges imposed on the voice in this music – to create a background, to hold down a bass line, to sing long tones that become textures, to traverse complex lines, to find its place without a harmonic instrument, to be independent, to feature as a solo, to act in ensemble. These are all challenging situations, from which I am continually learning: to find the place for my human voice.

Finally, at the time I was writing and working on this music, the film Close Up by Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami appeared in my life. The film was transformative for me, and has stayed alive in my mind as very few films are able to do. It is inspired by real life events and performed by the participants themselves—the people involved in the events become the subjects of the film. Subjects become objects, the viewers become the actors, and the actor(s) become(s) the director(s), as they reenact and reconstruct present and past events. Cinephile Sabzian fraudulently impersonates a well-known Iranian filmmaker to get access to a family’s house and daily private life. With the pretense that the family members and their house are ideal for his new film, he spends weeks in the house until his fraud is eventually discovered and he is taken to court. Sabzian is the anti-hero, in the sense that he lies and deceives.  And yet it is impossible to see him as a bad person. The way he naively speaks and behaves shows his humanity and suffering. In the film, while Sabzian is in the courtroom, in a real-life trial, Kiarostami interviews him, showing a Close Up pan of his face. 

In Close Up we, together, become actors and directors, performers and listeners, the others and ourselves. You too are part of this process. Thank you for listening.”

Sara Serpa is a singer, composer, improviser who implements a unique instrumental approach to her vocal style. Recognized for her distinctive wordless singing, Serpa has been immersed in the field of jazz, improvised and experimental music since first arriving in New York in 2008.  Described by JazzTimes magazine as “a master of wordless landscapes” and by the New York Times as “a singer of silvery poise and cosmopolitan outlook,” Serpa started her recording and performing career with jazz luminaries such as Grammy-nominated pianist, Danilo Perez, Guggenheim and MacArthur Fellow pianist, Ran Blake, and Greg Osby.

Her ethereal music draws from a broad variety of inspirations including literature, film, visual arts as well as history and nature. As a leader, she has produced and released nine albums, (with labels Sunnyside Records, Clean Feed, Tzadik and Inner Circle Music); the latest being “All The Dreams” in collaboration with guitarist André Matos. Serpa has collaborated with an extensive array of musicians including John Zorn, Guillermo Klein, Zeena Parkins, Mark Turner, Tyshawn Sorey, Nicole Mitchell, among many others.

She has performed her own music in Europe, Australia, North and South America, singing at international festivals such as Festa do Jazz, the Panama Jazz Festival, Festival de Jazz de Montevideo, Wangaratta Jazz Festival and Adelaide Festival, Sopot Jazz Festival or venues like Bimhuis, Casa da Música, Village Vanguard, Jazz Standard, The Stone, Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Kennedy Center for the Arts, among others.

Currently, Serpa leads a trio with Erik Friedlander (cello) and Ingrid Laubrock (tenor sax), with a debut album coming out in March 2018 (Close Up/ Clean Feed) , and a trio featuring Zeena Parkins (harp) and Mark Turner (tenor sax) in an interdisciplinary  performance, combining film with live music entitled “Recognition“.

Serpa’s innovative approach has been praised since her debut album Praia (2008) was released, as stated by All About Jazz: , she raises profound questions regarding the previous role of the vocalist in jazz. She sings as an instrumentalist, as a member of an ensemble with a bold conception not the star of some show.”

Serpa’s collaboration with her teacher/ mentor, Guggenheim and MacArthur Fellow pianist Ran Blake resulted in three recorded albums, providing fertile ground for the singer to explore/ interpret the Great American Songbook along with Film-Noir: Camera Obscura (2010), Aurora (2012), Kitano Noir (2015), the latter described by PopMatters as “wonderfully hypnotic”.

Sara Serpa is a member of Mycale, an international a-capella quartet commissioned by McArthur Fellow and avant-garde composer John Zorn whose newest release Gomory (2015) was praised by The New York Times as “astonishingly beautiful, a high point in the series; it sounds medieval and new at the same time.”

With literature has a source of inspiration, Serpa released the album Mobile (2011), title that refers to themes of travel and movement, reflects her passion for reading. Inspired by authors from Homer to Melville to V.S Naipaul, and featuring André Matos, Kris Davis, Ben Street and Ted Poor, it was noted as “work of art in motion” by the Chicago Jazz Magazine and outlined by JazzMan Magazine (France): “Serpa’s commitment to this special and difficult project works wonders – it would be difficult not surrender to it.”

Sara Serpa was the first Portuguese musician to ever perform at the renowned New York jazz venue, The Village Vanguard, in 2008 and 2009 with Greg Osby’s group. Serpa was voted as “Musician of the Year” in 2010 by the newspaper O Público, one of the major daily publications in Portugal, and was the cover of the U.S magazine Jazziz in 2012. Serpa has been voted and included by the DownBeat Magazine Critics Poll in the “Rising Star Vocalist” list in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Serpa’s accomplishments extend beyond the jazz world. Serpa has performed/ interpreted music of contemporary composers such as Andreia Pinto- Correia, Derek Bermel (with the Albany Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Allan Miller), Aya Nishina (Flora (2014), and Joseph C. Phillips Jr. (Changing Same (2015).

A New England Conservatory Master of Music (MM) in Jazz Performance, and a graduate from ISPA (Portugal) in Social Work and Rehabilitation, the Portuguese singer completed her Piano and Classical Singing Studies at Lisbon National Conservatory. She later fell in love with Jazz and Improvisation through the Hot Clube de Portugal’s school, while working on her research thesis about Refugee Women in Portugal. She relocated to the United States in 2005 to attend Berklee College of Music, followed by New England Conservatory.

Source : Braitwaite and Katz.

World Poetry Celebrates Ibrahim Honjo and Tatjana Debeljacki!








Ariadne at World Poetry Peace and Human Rights Display at UBC .

Ariadne’s Notes:

Good show with Ibrahim Honjo on The World Poetry Café Radio Show, CFRO 100.5 FM  June 7, 1-2 PM PST in a joint book launch celebration of two new books. WP theme music by Yoshifumi Sakura. WP Team: Ariadne Sawyer, Producer and host, Victor Swartzman , super tech and Sharon Rowe, special volunteer. A brand new Big Bessie Story by Sharon Rowe was read by Victor.





Ibrahim Honjo was born 1948 in the former Yugoslavia Since January 1995 he has lived in Canada.

Honjo is a poet-writer, sculptor, painter, photographer, and property manager who writes in his native language and in English. His work has appeared in many magazines, newspapers, and on radio stations in Yugoslavia where he worked as an economist and journalist. He was also a book editor; newspapers editor; marketing director; and organizer of many poetry events and festivals. His poems have also been published in several magazines and radio stations in Canada and USA.

He is the author of 26 published books and one book with another author. His work is represented in more than 20 anthologies. Some his poems have been translated into: Italian, Spanish, Korean, Slovenian, Bahasa Malaysia, Mongolian and German.Honjo received several prizes for his poetry. The Sculpture of the Day.  

 Father’s Day Celebrations started with a special poem by Kathy Figueroa.  Ibrahim He did a great job reading in Serbian and introducing the second book launch of the show, a beautiful book by : SAVRŠENSTVO PERFECTION 完璧さ New book Tatjana Debeljački タチアナ デベリャスキ, in Serbian, English and Japanese.





Tatiana Debeljacki  writes poetry, short stories, stories and haiku. She is a Member of Association of Writers of Serbia -UKS since 2004. She is Haiku Society of Serbia- Deputy editor of Diogen. She also is the editor of the magazine Poeta.


New book Tatjana Debeljački  タチアナ デベリャスキー

Serbian English and Japanese


Nestaje zajedništvo.

Gubimo se napuštajući sebe.

Kasno je za otkrivanje simbola.

Izraz je oblik istraživanja.

na ulazu govornih komora.

Razloge spore žrtvujemo brzim rečima.

Rastanak je hroničar bez hronike.

Tumačenja naslućujemo po značenjima vrednosti.

Ne mučimo tigrove unutrašnošću neba.

Dragi kamen smo izgubili.

Potraga je uzaludan trud.

Gajimo veru okolnosti slučaja.

Obraz pokazuje tragove dlanova.

Predugo sanjamo pretnje odgovornosti.

Ironično razrešenje sumnje ostavljamo za kraj.

Tragove zaveštavamo siročićima.

Bog je bio slavljen..

Iz zapisa izvlačimo po potrebi.

Nismo uvideli da sve je prolaznosti sklono.

I duboki jaz između poljubaca,


Konkursa za najlepšu ljubavnu pesmu, koji tradicionalno organizuje Dom kulture iz Ivanjice.Selektor konkursa, pesnik Milijan Despotović


Togetherness disappears.

We are lost while leaving ourselves.

It’s too late for finding symbols.

The expression is a form of research

at the entrance of voice ventricles.

We sacrifice slow reasons to the quick words.

Parting is a chronicler with no chronicles.

Interpretations are hinted in the meanings of values ​​.

Let’s not torture the lions with the inner space of the sky.

We have lost the gemstone.

The search is wasted effort.

We nurture the faith of case circumstances.

Cheek shows the traces of palms.

For too long we dream the threats of responsibility.

Ironic solution of doubting we have left for the end.

We demise traces for the orphans.

God was praised, unfortunately.

From the scriptures we take out when needed.

We did not realize that all is prone to cease.

And a deep gap between the kisses,

We did not admit.

*The 25th contest for the best love song, traditionally held by the

Cultural centre in Ivanjica. The contest director is a poet Miljan Despotovic
























Copyright by  Tatjana Debeljački. All rights go to the author.

World Poetry Celebrates Melanie Simms and Roxanne Health!


Ariadne’s Notes:

Broadcasting from New Westminster and Vancouver, BC, Canada with great thanks to tech Kerry Buckner,The World Poetry Radio Show, CFRO 100.5 FM , 1-2 PM PST on May 31,  celebrated Melanie Simms and Roxanne Health. They were unable to call in because  their cell phone cards  were not able to connect with Canada.

However, I read their bios and then went on to read poems from the World Poetry Peace E-Anthology on this site. If you want to read the poems and poets featured , the names and poems plus the page numbers will be listed here: Addena Sumter-Freitag, pages 175-177. Wida Tausif. Pages 180-181, Cheng Yousha, pages, 197-199. Ljupce Zahariev , 201. Also great thanks to Carol Knepper who did a great job of editing and all the others who worked on this free e-anthology of peace for the world.

It is a wonderful Peace e-Anthology full of important poems. *Please do not copy the poems without permission and are the property of the authors. Go to : *

LAVENDER MEMORIES- 1 was  read  from  a poet Amita Sanghviamita  who is  on tour from Oman who has been launching her new book. She is on the faculty from Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman. She says: ‘I recently launched my poetry book at Indian Embassy, Oman. I am traveling to Vancouver for a week- 19 th to 25th  of June. Can I present my poems and the book? MY BOOK IS LAVENDER MEMORIES AND OTHER POEMS AND CENTRAL THEME IS PEACE AND HEALING .”

Music by the amazing Phil Haynes.



Melanie Simms is an award winning author with over two hundred publications of poetry and short stories. She is the author of two poetry books, Remember the Sun (Sunbury Press) and Waking the Muse (Outskirts Press). She is included in numerous anthologies, and recent publications include The Galway Revew (Ireland), Adelaide Literary Magazine (published out of New York and Lisbon), and Blood And Thunder Literary Journal (University of Oklahoma). She is the recipient of a Vermont Writers Studio Scholarship, and finalists in the Adelaide Literary Competition (for poetry and short story writing) and the Richard Savage Award (Bloomsburg University). Her B.A. degree is in Creative Writing from Bloomsburg University and her MFA is currently in progress. She has two new books in progress; Alien Prophecy (her first science fiction novel) and a new collection of poetry (Poetry and Medicine) a collection that focuses on healing and medicine.She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs for the arts.You can learn more about Melanie Simms at


 A poem for Dr.Moshin Wazir, Geisinger Oral Surgery.


I opened my neck

Bared the wounds of my life,

As your scissors

Cut me free.

It was a necessary surgery,

Yet as you snipped,

Stich by stitch

I imagined

Switchblades and murders,

Mafia and threats from beasts of the night

Hovering at my bedside


To devour me.

I even feared

You might be one of those rogue doctors

Killing patients on rounds.

A bible lay at the bottom of my bed

Trying to remind me of a long lost god,

But through your kindness, I found salvation.

You rescued me

Healed me with your modern amulets and medical wisdoms,

Sent the demons back to Hades,

And brought me to the light

Like a priest on Sunday morning,

Inviting me to drink

From the wine of life.

Melanie Simms. (C) All rights reserved by author .








Author biography: Roxanne Heath’s interests and ambitions have changed many times over the years, but the one constant has been her affinity for fiction. Her primary hobby in childhood was writing stories, and the habit continued well into her high school and college years despite pursuing a degree in science. Her favorite genres to write are those that dabble in mythology, fantasy, and paranormal horror. She can be found on her website, but is more easily reached via Twitter and Facebook under the handle @rheathwrites