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World Poetry Celebrates Leigh Nelson from the USA.

 Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café with Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Neall Ryon  was honoured to have Leigh Nelson  phoning in and sharing his adventures, poetry and music with us on CRFO, 100.5 FM, October 22nd. Music also by the amazing B-Master on World Peace. Thanks to Victor Schwartzman and Kerry for their assistance in keeping us on the air. CLICK HERE for the show!



“The writer of Gandhi’s Lament has been writing and performing poetry and music since the age of 14.  Hailing from South County in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, he is known simply as mrlei (as in mister lee), a name bestowed upon him in the early 80’s by students of his.  mrlei has still yet to publish any of his works, but plans on using the slowdown of winter months to complete the process and get it to press.  At the same time, he is attempting to complete two plays, one called “Einstein’s Violin” and a one-man show of Walt Whitman.  He hopes that his poetry “will inspire people to awaken to their true selves and discover the voice that dwells within all being.”

He writes: My mother was an English teacher (and model/actress) in the late 50’s thru to the early 70’s, so of course it was read, read, read (albeit TV was also very much our babysitter at times — but never before homework!)  By the fourth grade I was reading on a junior-to-high school level and also accompanied my mother to rehearsals for plays she was in and became the one child of three boys who became engrossed with the artistic “process” (really don’t like that word).  I dabbled in the theatre/tv/radio/film industry for a time and lost interest for a variety of reasons.  But that experience helped me to become a powerful speaker and presenter of ideas (my own and others) and I have continued working in the artistic milieus.”

I’m sitting here
listening to Nii’ Nee’
sing with his ancestors
and the strong of heart
and the horizon
is just setting
into a faint mauve
dotted by crows
and icicles in the eaves

I reach for the stars
as if they are the only
light in sight this night

this night
is where
the vow lives
the stand is taken
with every breath
and furrow of brow

I will not pretend
coming through the forest
to this opening
where dirt means mind
and bear pads softly

and to know you have
come through the forest


and the ease of our minds
is but a tear from our eyes
serving to remind

cante tenza

great thanks now
for the passing of the pipe
and the sharing of dreams
of the grandmother
and her song for the men
great thanks that paths
cross at the streams
and up a hill


up ahead

the way to go

this night
through the frost

Leigh Nelson (C)

–listening to “Singing with the Ancestors” by Nii’ Nee’.   this is my Cante Tenza Olowan (“Song for the Strong Heart”  -Lakota) “At The Wood’s Edge” (Iroquois) is referenced, as well as Frost, in the last line (a play on forest and the winter – a poet nod, if you will.)

mrlei (pronounced mr. lee) has written a ridiculously large amount of bad poetry.  Every once in a awhile, something sticks, regardless.  He hosts live nights of music, poetry, video, live art, dance, and comedy called TaoNation or Vagabond Age, in the “moment”, with little or no rehearsal.  He is a taurus cancer twin.  He is shy usually, but known to take a selfie or two.  He lives on the side of a mountain in North Adams, MA, with his blind, all white  Jack Russell terrier, Talon Jack.  He drinks, he smokes, and tells dirty jokes, but can play pool better drunk than you.  That is not a challenge.  He would like to thank Daniel Ellsburg for the release of his tapes. He likes to play piano and trumpet but has no idea what they really do.  He is a Jew, too.   Shoganai!  Kwatz!

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World Poetry Celebrates the Authors of One Great Year, Tamara Veitch & Rene DeFazio!

OGY_authorsimgAriadne’s Notes! Our first World Poetry Café Radio show on Thursday, October 15th 1-2 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM was celebrated with the amazing and talented award winning authors, Tamara Veitch and Rene DeFazio of the novel One Great Year! Great thanks to Victor Schwartzman  and Kerry for operating the show and keeping us on the air. Please CLICK HERE for a show you do not want to miss!

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What happens when two passionate writer-artists fall in love and decide to make an uncommon life together? The award-winning novel One Great Year and its forthcoming sequels are just a few of the awesome possibilities! Born and raised in the Vancouver area, Rene DeFazio is an actor, screenwriter and producer with numerous film and television roles to his credit, as well as countless commercials and print ads. After spending many years backpacking and filming, Rene drew upon an abundance of unusual and exciting experiences to create One Great Year. His tireless research and firsthand knowledge of exotic locations, customs, sights and smells helped to bring this epic story to life. Rene was awarded an “Empowered Writers Award” at the 2014 World International Peace festival in Vancouver. Tamara Veitch was also awarded an “Empowered Writers Award” at the 2014 World International Peace festival in Vancouver.


 Since an early age Tamara knew that she was a writer. She studied English and General Arts at Simon Fraser University and has had articles published in Guided Synergy Magazine, Awareness Magazine (Southern California), and Mosaic Magazine. Tamara’s first published novel One Great Year was written in collaboration with her husband Rene DeFazio, and received excellent reviews. They are currently writing and researching the next instalment in The Great Year Series. Tamara is an experienced mural artist, teacher and public speaker and currently teaches creative writing to children ages 8-14 in her local community as well as touring and presenting the groundbreaking research and discoveries behind her novels.

One Great Year took three painstaking years to complete. Within months of its independent release, One Great Year was optioned to become a Hollywood blockbuster film trilogy. One Great year is distributed by NewLeaf Distributing US and Dempsey Distributing Canada.

The authors are currently writing the second and third books in the One Great Year series and hope for the sequel to be released early 2016.

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World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Musician Laura Kelsey from Canada!


Last night time radio show 003

Ariadne’s Notes!  Our last evening World Poetry Café Radio Show on October 6th featured the music and exciting news of the lovely Laura Kelsey , operator in training Victor Schwartzman and mentor  Elwin Xie completed the program along with a ten minute interview of  Ernest  Nkosi, Director of  Thina Sobabili: The Two of Us, (South Africa) Thina Sobabili: The Two of Us at the Internet Movie Database.

An Academy Award nominated film  which is also nominated for a Golden Globe.  Join the action at:

Music by  World Poetry 24 hour Peaceathon participant, Director  Abdoul Aziz KONE from    Mali,   Agoratoire “Arts and Culture”,Mali international festival of Slam poetry and Humor/ All artists’ poets record a peace song for the world, Africa and Mali.

Abdoul  records a peace song with the children for his country and the world! SI LA PAIX VIENT JAZZ PRE AZIZ SITEN’K DOGFONOS

Laura brought cheesecake treats to celebrate our last nighttime show! Above: Victor, Ariadne and Laura. Photo by Elwin. To hear the show: CLICK HERE!

Exciting upcoming show:







Laura is one of the performers in an amazing new production:  Modern Banshee and The Limbic Landwalkers: the moon, the pool & the string . Date: Oct 15, 7 pm-8:15 pm. Place: HR McMillan Space Centre. A Vancouver collective of musicians and visual artists are performing an independent and interactive event at the Planetarium Oct. 15: an all-original rock musical with coinciding visuals on the dome screen, surprises and gifts for those attending! : 1100 Chestnut St Vancouver BC.  Ticket link: Admission: $20 Sliding scale to free (limited 230 seat capacity.


Sharon and radio photos 006


Laura Kelsey writes, sings and performs sexy power blues, country noir ballads, suicidal acoustic songs and biorhythmic beat music. In 2014, an album that Laura did lead vocals was nominated for a Western Canadian music award. Songs written by and featuring Laura have played on Canadian, American and British radio stations. “Earth,” a folk/rock song co-written with guitarist Murray Howes, was a finalist in a nation-wide contest; in 2007, Laura organized and produced an album of death/black metal after fronting bands in Vancouver, BC and currently sings with Dispell, a rock funk band. Songs can be downloaded here: