Welcome to World Poetry Canada International Peace and Human Rights Exhibition!

Welcome to World Poetry Canada International Peace and Human Rights Exhibition February 3-March 30th, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, University of British Columbia, Canada.


This exhibition features a blend of photography, poetry, and films.  World Poetry began in 1997. Its goal was to give recognition and support to multicultural and multilingual poets and writers and those in artistic disciplines.

It is a special group with the goal of bringing out the voices of those who need to be heard, in respect, honour, support, peace and love. It is a unique society that welcomes and supports more than 10,000 participants from around the world under the umbrella of the World Poetry Reading Series Society:

  • World Poetry New Westminster and World Poetry Vancouver, monthly events at the New Westminster Public Library and the Britannia Branch, Vancouver Public Library
  • World Poetry Youth Team
  • World Poetry Facebook groups
  • World Poetry Canada International Peace and Human Rights Festivals
  • World Poetry Special Events, Film festivals, Peaceathon, Poetathon
  • World Poetry Peaceathon: 52 countries from around the world
  • World Poetry Cafe Radio Show airs every Thursday afternoon from 1-2 PM on Coop Radio (CFRO 102.7 FM) with national and international guests
  • World Poetry website
  • World Poetry Canada International Outreach
  • World Poetry Partnerships in Canada and around the World
  • World Poetry Youth Directors and Advisors

Links from  selected Peaceathon partners on World Peace Day, September 21st when 52 countries participated:

Please join us in creating a more peaceful and empowering place in an atmosphere of respect, support and caring. Contact: ariadnes@uniserve.com Info: 1-604-526-4729

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5 Responses to Welcome to World Poetry Canada International Peace and Human Rights Exhibition!

  1. Lynn White says:

    A Rose For Gaza

    Gaza is a garden full of roses.
    Stone roses.
    Rock roses.
    No petals to crush and bruise
    to release their fragrance.
    Only dust.
    Dust and the stench
    of death.
    No green space left.
    No sweet tranquility,
    peace or quiet.
    No escape.
    No garden of Eden here.
    No gateway to paradise.
    Rubble and rock roses.

    So I shall plant a rose for Gaza
    in my green space,
    in my tranquil garden.
    I won’t bruise it,
    just gently sniff its fragrance
    and hope that one day
    fragrant roses will bloom again
    in the garden of Gaza.

    What else can I do?

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