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World Poetry Café Radio Show Schedule for August!

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Upcoming World Poetry Café Radio Shows 100.5 FM, CFRO,  1-2 pm PST. Thursday  August features in August:

August 4, Patrick de Moss,Playwright, poet, prose writer  and Anupma Garg,   educator and poetry.

August 11,  Ruth Kozak with her new book Volume 2  SHADOW OF THE LION: THE FIELDS OF HADES is due to be published in October. This is part 2 of her novel about the fall of Alexander’ the Great’s dynasty. Published by MEDIA-aria. CDM Bristol, England.

August 18, Nightwood Editions authors with new books: The Red Files by Lisa Bird Wilson and How Festive the Ambulance by Kim Fu.

August 25, Nightwood Editions: How To Be Eaten By  A Lion by  Michael Johnson and Kris Allen, CD Beloved,  Braithwaite & Katz , Jazz music.

*Thanks to Nightwood Editions, MEDIA-aria. CDM Bristol, England  and Braithwaite & Katz.


World Poetry Celebrates Mahmood Jan from Afghanistan!

Ariadne’s Notes: I have been receiving so much e-mail from all over the world, some of it is so unique. This poem was read on the World Poetry Café Radio Show several weeks ago and I would like to feature him as an example of the quest for peace around the world.









“My name is Mahmood Jan from Afghanistan.

I am a 52 year old man I am living in Kabul, a shopkeeper in the selling of tiles.

I am sorry :  I am studying English is   but it is poor

I have a  little knowledge of English

language. But I  feel the pain of the world creating such pain topics as (  Voice of the heart of the world)  that I wrote.

I thought I would share my topics the outcomes that  I feel that I am alive to read especially in the writing or singing to express my feelings.

This is for reading on the world peace day with full singing sound on September 21st.

Voice of the Heart of the World

Our world   Your world   Our world

Our sky   Your land   Our space

I am   As you are   You are   As I am

Our place   You live   We live   Your place

Our love   Your ambition   Our ambition   Your love

Our world   Your world   Our world

Our sky   Your land   Our space

Hey person   Hey human   Hey mankind

Our color   Your blood   Our body

Our intellect   Your brain   Our mind

We see   You see   Our lookout

We become dust   We are melting

We become growth   We become leaves

We become flowers

Our flowers  Your flowers   Our grass and land

Our world   Your world   Our world

Our sky   Your land   Our space

Our stones   Your mountain   Our universe

Our stars   Your moon   Our sun

We become light   We become lamps   We shine

This is our heart   This is our heart   This  is our heart

Asia is our heart   Australia is our heart   Africa is our heart

America is  our heart   Europe is our heart

All people the world are one heart

All people the world are one heart

Mahmood Jan  (C)


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