World Poetry Celebrates WP Director Oswald Okaitei!

Ariadne.s Notes: The World Poetry Cafe CFRO 100.5 FM with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Victor Swartzman proudly presents Oswald Okaitei,

 First Book launch for  Aabha Rosy Vatsa from India with her new book: The Gift of Life, Kindle. 

Stories by Sharon Rowe and Victor Shwartzman.

On now on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show featured e-poet: Oswald Okaitei and World Poetry Director! 

Listen to the show!


(For the Frontline Workers)

And for cyclic seasons

—Now and ever—

We shall pronounce your names

And write you down in the pages of history:

We shall tell

The come afters of your bravery

And altruism—which you

Offered to save a life from the venom of this pandemic;

We shall speak of

How you chose to carry the cross of thorns

For men: bleeding to death

That life should not fall at the feet of an army of viruses;

And, we shall tell of

How you saw devouring flames roaring at you

And yet, never chose

To choose your lives over the lives of the many.

Yes, today is night

But for your unceasing strives, the sun

Shall find its way

Up in the sky again for a new day

And then we

Shall come back to life again, renewed;

And shall hug again,

And kiss again, and shake hands again…

But till then,

Savers of life, the war is still on

So be safe & be sure

To return home after this long scary night!

All rights reserved. (C)

Oswald Okaitei © 2020

Oswald Okaitei is a multi-award-winning young Ghanaian poet, spoken word artiste, and a playwright. He is currently a World Poetry Director in Ghana and has eight poetry collections to his credit. As one of the promising fresh breaths to poetry spoken word, he has shared performing platforms with poetry /spoken word legends as Prof. Atukwei Okai, Prof. Kofi Anyidoho, Muta Baruka, Rocky Dawuni, among others. Oswald represented Ghana at the 2016 Storymoja Festival in Kenya and Babishai Poetry Festival in Uganda. In 2016, he has judged the Pan-African Poet/Spoken word artiste in Ghana. This poem comes at the time when the whole world has come together as one people in a common fight against one.

We are so proud of him!  He is a shining light in the world.

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4 Responses to World Poetry Celebrates WP Director Oswald Okaitei!

  1. Pat Quarcoo says:

    Well done Oswald Okaitei. Keep on doing the good works. We are proud of you

  2. Gyenyame says:

    Fantastic!!!!! There’s no reward in heaven after hard work.
    Your works are recognised by good people here on earth.
    Your reward is with you. You make me proud to associate with you.

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