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World Poetry Proudly Presents Khawaja Abdullah Ahrar from Afghanistan!







Ariadne’s note: We are honoured to present the World Poetry Empowered Award Winning poet in Dari and Farsi ,  Khawaja Abdullah Ahrar, father of World Poetry  Youth Ambassador to Afghanistan and the US as well as a World Poetry International Team Member, Alaha Ahrar.   Also the father of the Empowered Voice of Afghan Women, Hunsa Ahrar.  Our prayers and blessings go out to Mr. Ahrar as he contiues to impove in health. Here is a recent letter that he wrote to World Poetry and his poem The Spiritual Values of Humans is translated into English by Alaha Ahrar.

Dear Ariadne Sawyer and World Poetry hello,
I am sending you this email to thank you very much for all your hard works and the great services that you do every year for the world poetry.Thanks to Canada and all Canadian poets, writers and every open-minded young man and woman , who worked with you in this process to bring Afghanistan’s poetry to Canada, and thanks for recognition and appreciation of my poems and writings. I am very sorry that due to a sudden heart problem , which very soon led to an open heart surgery, I could not come to Canada to receive my award in person, but I was there in spirit. I truly appreciate this award and it means a lot to all Afghans, Afghanistan and me.

 Best regards,
 Khawaja Abdullah Ahrar. 

The Spiritual Values of Humans

If you call a human an animal:
He will be very upset, disturbed and distressed
If unwittingly a human turns to ignorance
He will become wilder than wolves and leopards
The values of humanity such as
wisdom, education, grace and generosity
differentiate humans from all animals
The human has been created from an adorned spirit;
therefore, humans are superior to all other beings
God has given dignity to humans:
Even according to the Quran
Humans have been selected as the head of the universe
Why cannot humans understand their own values?
Some become very cruel and unkind to others
Live and adorn your life with morals, ethics and etiquette
Then the name of Human will fit you
The spiritual value of a human is very superior;
Therefore, humans should be the source of beneficence and dignity
Close your eyes so that you do not see who are you helping
Without acknowledging peoples’ beliefs serve and benefit everyone equally
If you want to live an honorable life,
Live with morals and ethics!
This is one of the teachings of the schools of mysticism
If you follow this path, you will reach to the levels of the mystics
When the lights of spirituality and mysticism shine
The world can become even brighter

Best regards,

Khawaja Abduallah (Ahrar) (C)