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World Poetry Celebrates Film Director Jill Carter!




Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café radio show was honoured to have the Canadian firm director, Jill Carter call into the show at 1:20 PM, PST. She told us about her new exciting show which  Jill recently completed  by directing half the season, including the pilot episode, of the soon to be launched CityTV drama ‘THE MURDER’S’ staring Jessica Lucas (Gotham) on Monday nights, at 9 PM. It was really exciting to talk to a woman director and learn about the art of directing. A young woman from Scotland sent a question about directing and Jill kindly answered her. I would like to thank our wonderful guests who answer questions from young people all over the world.

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Director Jill Carter was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, and has an extensive background as a script supervisor along with a keen interest in all forms of the arts. She is interested in uniting people of all ages through thoughtful universal experiences.
Carter’s first short film as director, MOMENT (2006), screened at festivals around the world. Following two more successful short films, NINETY-ONE (2010) and LITTLE
LARRY (2011), which was nominated for a Directors Guild of Canada Award.
She has gone on to direct episodes of such television shows as the CW’s BEAUTY &
THE BEAST, CBC’s MURDOCH MYSTERIES, Global’s PRIVATE EYES and BET’s ‘INCONTEMPT’. SPIRAL, a web-series Jill directed in 2017 was nominated for 5 Vancouver Web Fest awards, including best drama.
Jill recently completed directing half the season, including the pilot episode, of the soon to be launched CityTV drama ‘THE MURDER’S’ staring Jessica Lucas (Gotham).
In 2016 she participated in the incubator program run by the Toronto International Film
Festival TIFF STUDIO. Jill has a number of film and television Synopsis: Rookie Homicide Detective Kate Jameson (Jessica Lucas) is the biracial daughter of an ambitious and well-loved mother, and her dearly departed father who was a decorated Vancouver police officer killed in the line of duty. With the fight for justice deeply rooted in her, Kate’s only desire is to be a good cop like her father. She’s determined to make her mark in Homicide, the MPD’s most coveted assignment.
But things go horribly awry on her first day, when Kate breaks the number one rule of policing — never leave your gun unattended. Haunted by her fatal mistake, a driven Kate will seek to make amends through every case and ongoing investigation – including that of a mysterious killer with a particular obsession with Detective Jameson.
The Murders is a stylish police procedural with a killer soundtrack, starring Jessica Lucas (Gotham), Dylan Bruce (Orphan Black), Terry Chen (Jessica Jones), and Luvia Peterson (Ghost Wars). 

She has projects in various stages. Source : Tamar Gibbert with thanks.


World Poetry Celebrates Keisha Prince !








Ariadne’s Notes:

On February 14, the World Poetry Café, 100.5 FM CFRO celebrated Black History Month with Keisha Prince (52 Words) and Dr. Mark Lomax (400 years of slavery)
Calling in at 1:10 pm PST was the talented actress, musician and mother, Keisha Prince from Toronto, one of the talents of the moving and insightful I-toons special 52 Words of Love, a Valentine special. Following her interview at 1:30 PPM  PST was Dr. Mark Lomax with his 12 album project 400 Years of Slavery . Also poems from the World Poetry Almanac complied and edited  by Dr. Hadda Sendoo and a story by Sharon Rowe.

Keisha’s message to the world was to give more application and emphasis to the positive and less to the negative and to remember we are all connected. Also to live life perusing what you what you want to convey people, love of all shades and realize that we can contribute to something beautiful.









 Keisha Prince is excited about being part of the talent in 52 Words of Love and thinks it is a special film.  

In her career, She would like to play future roles with emotional and transformational impact. If any of our listeners or World Poetry film partners have an upcoming project that might fit these goals, you can contact her.
It was a great honour to have her on the World Poetry Café Radio Show and also to write about her in the Afro News.
Synopsis of 52 Words of Love:

“When Alice (Stacey Iseman), a woman suffering from cancer, sets out to post one synonym for love every week for a year on a site she’s created that she calls “52 Words of Love,” she inadvertently sends a gentle ripple through her social network and discovers more about relationships than she imagined.
This film is best described as an experimental narrative feature film, as it mixes documentary interviews with narrative drama, and actors with real life people to tell the story of intimacy through any age, gender, religion or ethnicity. “

Directors: Andrea Moodie, James Blokland
Producer(s): Andrea Moodie, James Blokland
Screenplay: Andrea Moodie, James Blokland
Official Site: 52wordsforlove.com
Studio: Films We Like.

With thanks to source: Tamar Gibbert and TARO PR.

“52 Words of Love is sometimes tender and moving, sometimes petty and curt, sometimes hurt and angry and it examines the nature of modern love with a warm and unjaundiced eye. The film gently appraises the lives of its characters as they negotiate, reject, beg, or demand love. The title of the movie indicates that filmmakers already understand there is no answer, that love is elusive and complex, but it is a joy to watch them turn the idea of love around in their hands and examine its myriad facets. Beautifully composed and mounted, skillfully written and acted, achingly romantic, 52 Words of Love is a love letter to love itself.” Get it now on I-Toons!

 Special thanks to Tamar Gibbert of Taro PR,  our great partners.