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The World Poetry Cafe Proudly Presents Poet Laureate Candice James from Canada!

Ariadne’s note: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota plus tech Gerry welcomed Candice James , the Poet Laureate of The City of New Westminster New Westminster, Canada.  Also, music by Rio Samaya  and Tony Blackman, e-poem by Richard Doiron and news on the upcoming Poetathon plus the Creative Dreaming Workshop August 25th!

To hear the show, CLICK HERE!

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Poet Laureate (2010 – 2016)

City of New Westminster, BC


Candice James is Poet Laureate of The City of New Westminster, Director of The Royal City Literary Arts Society, a full member of The League of Canadian Poets, Past President of the Federation of British Columbia Writers, Past Director of SpoCan, Past President of Slam Central, creator of the long running events “Poetic Justice” and “Poetry in the Park”. She is the recipient of “Writers International Network’s Distinguished Poet Award 2013”.

She is the Author of poetry books, “A SPLIT IN THE WATER” – Fiddlehead Poetry Books 1979; “INNER HEART – A Journey” – Silver Bow Publishing 2010; “BRIDGES AND CLOUDS” – Silver Bow Publishing 2011; “MIDNIGHT EMBERS – A Book of Sonnets” – Libros Libertad Publishing 2012 , and “SHORELINES OF ETERNITY” – Silver Bow Publishing 2013

Candice has been a featured on radio shows “Wax Poetic”, “World Poetry Café”, and “Storytelling”.  She has also been featured poet, workshop facilitator, keynote speaker, and panelist at many literary events including “Word on the Street”; “Black Dot Cultural Collective”; and “Lit Fest New West”.  Her poems have appeared in a variety of local and international magazines, newspapers, and e-zines.   She has led online forums for WRITERS ETC. based in Los Angeles, CA and has reviewed books and written prefaces for authors and poets internationally.   Candice organizes and hosts National Poetry month for the League of Canadian Poets annually.

http://saddlestone.shawwebspace.ca    Candice James Poet Laureate website

http://candicejames.shawwebspace.ca  Candice James Poet website

www.youtube/saddlestone11                   Candice James videopoems and music


© 2013 Candice James

Shakespeare said it with quill and ink
And inspiration’s golden link
And the words came tumbling down
In sonnets, verses, plays and prose
In theatres, and travelling minstrel shows
His passion still rages and spills from the page
Onto the glitter of sound sets and stages
Tumbling down….still tumbling down

Mozart said it with notes and keys
In compositions and symphonies
And the music came tumbling down
Illuminating the darkness undressing
Devils, angels and lovers confessing
The agonies and ecstasies
In serenades and rhapsodies
Tumbling down… still tumbling down

Michelangelo said it with paints and brush
Guided by an angel’s touch
And the colours came tumbling down
To halo the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling
With Saints, sinners, and angels kneeling
A masterpiece of holiness
Saving Grace and forgiveness
A vibrant display of man’s genius
Tumbling down….still tumbling down

Writers Musicians, Artists and Sages
Droplets of gold on history’s pages
Tumbling down throughout the ages
Their world of beauty surrounds us still
Created by colours, sounds, ink and quill
Their legacy is a living will
Tumbling down……
Forever tumbling down.