World Poetry Celebrates the Talented Carmelo Militano from Canada!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with host and producer, Ariadne Sawyer, co-hosts Neall Ryon and Anita Aguirre Nieveras plus super engineer Victor Schwartzman welcomed the amazing poet Carmelo Militano with a preview of his new book :The Fate of Olives’.‘The Stone-Mason’s Notebook,’  a poetry collection, is to be released May, 2016 with Ekstasis Editions.  Also he had tips for beginning youth writers in response to a question asked by e-mail. Also featured:  a  beautiful love poem by Dr. Nihil Kallingal. To hear the show: CLICK HERE!


Carmelo Militano is a poet, novelist, and essayist.
He is the winner of the 2004 F.G.Bressani award for the poetry collection ‘Ariadne’s Thread’.
He has since published another poetry collection’ Morning After You’ and a novel ‘Sebastian’s Vine’ both with Ekstasis Editions and a travelogue/family memoir ‘The Fate of Olives’.‘The Stone-Mason’s Notebook,’  a poetry collection, is to be released May, 2016 with Ekstasis Editions.


‘An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.’

      Friedrich Nietzsche

I idealize, like most people, North African sunsets

Poetry, Psychoanalysis, narrow cobble stone streets

Believe myself to be a Continental philosopher in a 50’s sort of way

Order a double espresso and a chocolate croissant

Use my reader reward card for the 10% discount

Tell pretty young woman in training

I am pretending its my first morning in Paris

When I took the metro from the Gare du Nord

And exchanged money into thick colourful francs

Do not believe what they say about Parisians

They are not always rude

There was a kind woman short and stout

Smiling alert eyes and glasses

Wearing a brown wool coat even though it was summer

She guided directed me to the St. Michel subway stop

How she knew I needed to be in the Latin Quarter

Add to the list of philosophical unknowable

Merge with the underground to arrive at the Place

Where green bronzed Michael the archangel

Stood in the alcove of the fountain

And two small winged dragons

Breathed swollen ragged edged water into a pool.

I wanted to be your newly arrived gypsy

You were no where to be found

Wandered the streets wearing a black sweater

Found at the entrance to the Tuileries Garden

And into a bar at midnight where a man and woman kissed

He felt my presence and whispered into her ear

‘Qu’est-ce que c’est’ as my pen scratched the surface of things

Into a graph lined notebook each square holding a tiny bit of emptiness

‘Un ecrivain,’ she replied

Back in my hotel room was the mystery of the bidet

Where I chilled my wine read Tropic of Cancer

Exhausted after my greedy walks through the streets

A flanuer of infinite thirst

Drunk on bruised coloured evening light and grey rooftops

I walked everywhere too poor for Les Deux Magots Café

Too shy to sit in such elegant leisure crossed legged reading

Or write in a journal that you remember the deep inhuman sound of the sea

Greeted every morning instead by the old concierge in the stairwell

‘Monsieur, vous etes tres gentil et un auteur’

 But not before I had seen a man with a step- ladder

 And a boy with a goat and tin drum coax it to the top

 A visual French metaphor for seduction if there ever was one

 In front of the cafe where I waited one last time

 Interpreted as a gentil ecrivain in the Latin Quarter

 Writing to a woman in a navy dress with white polka dots

 At the corner of Rue de l’Ancienne Comedie

 And Saint Andre des Arts

 From such stuff something is eventually made

 I said to the young woman at the till

 She smiled, lowered her eyes extended her hand

 Your change, sir.

By Carmelo Militano (C)

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