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World Poetry Cafe Celebrates Blair Trewartha from Canada!



World Poetry Café Radio Show, 100.5 FM welcomed the talented poet  Blair Trewartha on August 24, 1-2 pm , CFRO 100.5 FM in a delightful show sharing poetry from his new book and upcoming manuscript . Music by the San Francisco Trio celebrates the Beatles 50th anniversary . Host and producer Ariadne Sawyer, sound engineer Victor Swartzman and special volunteer Sharon Rowe.

LISTEN TO THE SHOW HERE! http://www.coopradio.org/content/world-poetry-caf%C3%A9-el-mundo-de-la-poesia-9


Blair Trewartha is the author of two chapbooks: Break In (Cactus Press, 2010) and Porcupine Burning (Baseline Press, 2012). His poetry has appeared in Carousel, Prism, Event, Existere, and Contemporary Verse 2. Currently residing in London, Ontario, Blair is an active member of Poetry London reading series and an editor for Anstruther Press.  His debut full-length collection of poetry, Easy Fix (Palimpsest Press, 2014), was shortlisted for the 2015 ReLit award, and his poem “Breach” received honourable mention in Arc’s 2016 Poem of the Year 


            Beaches Park (Victoria Day, 2015)

In crumpled leaves, gnats gnaw the backs of burnt necks

waiting for fireworks. We don’t worry about an eclipse

yet a career is a hurtling rock we never counted on.                                    

Fear of overcast, constant tease of rain.

Everything sealed above will always hold,

but it won’t let us stray far from store fronts and awnings.


You worry about burn out and the intangible,

that will never have a normal night again.

But that’s what saves me from my imagination,

that circus where it locks, where we ride cabs like battering rams

to hospitals, long swords singing the wood-splinter of our entrance.


Soon in this park, they’ll begin to blow things up.

Families will keep their kids up too late to watch that first crack

and flare waves flopping onto shore, dark blue long gone

from the water. I think of that beach in Newfoundland that’s losing

all its sand. Shadows we can’t angle without the sun.


On those darkest nights to come, meet me outside the NICU.

Or let me hold you in front of our hatchback when you lose the keys.

How many nights will you open someone up, pull fresh hands and feet

into the room with you? How often, when everything goes blue,

will you return something no one even had yet?


The first one is lit. Spiral of yellow buckshot confetti fire

snuffing out across the lake. I read somewhere that Orcas are learning

to beach themselves for a kill. Two weeks each year, their bulging bodies

breach a mere sand-dune away from suicide, wiggle back to blue-depth

before they’re trapped. I’ll bet that’s a trick we could learn

if it comes to that.

Blair Trewartha (C) All rights reserved.

Breach received honorable mention in Arc Magazine’s 2016 Poem of the Year contest and appears in ARC 83


World Poetry Celebrates AUDREY P. FRANKLYN!



Ariadne’s Notes: On August 10, 1-2 pm on CFRO 100.5 FM, we had the privilege of welcoming   a “Living Legend” Audrey P. Franklyn  who has had a fascinating career and still continues. Her stories about how she got started and went on to tremendous heights was memorable . Unique creativity and hard work, exploring new possibilities all were a major part of her success. Audrey also spoke about her long term relationship with Ella Fitzgerald and others. The stories made for a fascinating interview. From the feedback of World Poetry participants, the interview was really meaningful to them.  As I move into the field of promotion, especially for youth, the program was also very meaningful to me. 

Thanks also to the special Tech Kerry who took Victor’s place and to special volunteer Sharon Rowe who helped make the show possible.

We also featured our advisor and long term friend from Mongolia  Dr. Hadda Sendoo with his e-poem The Wind from The World Poetry Almanac and music from our partners  Braitwaite and Katz Communications with the lovely voice of: Daniela Schachter, CD, A tribute to Jimmy Van Heusen.

World Poetry would like to welcome a new listener from Guam, making a total of 98 countries.


The World Poetry Cafe on August 10,1-2 pm PST  on CFRO 100.5 FM  interviewed AUDREY P. FRANKLYN, President of the Franklyn Agency.

Ms. Franklyn, known in media circles as “The PR person with clout”, started her career with KLAC Radio in 1957, where she first became familier with the media world. She established the Franklyn Agency, a PR/Production firm, in 1960 and went on to promote, for herself and other production companies, 150 one-nighters and theatrical runs, from the dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Westwood Playhouse to massey Hall in Toronto and Carnegie Hall. Among her exclusive clients is Ella Fitzgerald, who became Audrey’s client in 1966. 

She can be contacted through her FB page, Linked In  and on the internet.

Ms. Franklyn has promoted hundreds of personalities, agencies and institutions during the past 25 years. She is listed in Who’s Who of American and Who’s Who in California, and hosts her own TV talk show,

“The Franklyn interview”, which has aired for 26 years on group W Cable in Santa Monica; it airs every Friday night at 11 p.m. The show features a well-known media personality as co-host, such as Gene Ferguson, News Director of KZLA Radio. Because it has been so well received, The Franklyn Interview is now syndicated and is re-aired on both Public and leased Access stations.

The Franklyn Agency also produces commercials for cable TV.

World Poetry Celebrates Chandra Bhatt, Patrice Williamson and others!

 Ariadne’s Notes: World Poetry Café Radio Show,  CFRO, 100.5 FM with Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Victor Schwartzman with special volunteers Sharon Rowe and Willow, the dog.

  To hear the show:   CLICK HERE!  

May 11, 1-2 pm  featured a fascinating  interview by Victor Schwartzman of the book from Nepal, “Kathmandu Days” by Chandra Bhatt. The publisher is Niyogi Books India. Well worth listening and reading!




 A call in  from Boston  ( courtesy of Braitwaite and Katz)  at 1:40 pm, PST from Patrice Williamson with her new CD: Comes Love, a lovely CD featuring her silky voice . April 25, 2017 will marked the 100th anniversary of an event that would have a profound impact on jazz and American song: the birth of Ella Fitzgerald. While the centennial of the First Lady of Song will doubtlessly be celebrated in myriad forms, few will prove as heartfelt or sincere – or as long in gestation – as Comes Love, the new album by Boston-based jazz vocalist Patrice Williamson. For the occasion, Williamson teamed up with guitarist and fellow Berklee College of Music faculty member Jon Wheatley for a set that pays particular homage to Fitzgerald’s landmark duo with guitar great Joe Pass. 

Due for release on Ella’s birthday, April 25, on Williamson’s own Riverlily Records and produced by pianist/composer Helen Sung, Comes Love features a dozen Songbook classics originally either recorded by Fitzgerald and Pass on one of their four studio albums or performed live by the duo during the course of their notable collaboration. Williamson and Wheatley never resort to sheer imitation (not that such a thing would even be possible given their two inimitable models), but instead conjure the warm elegance and graceful swing of the originals through the alluring chemistry of their own inviting rapport. To buy this wonderful CD: https://patricewilliamson.com/







Also a review of the documentary Unarmed Verses by Director  Charles Officer . For a review by Ariadne Sawyer: http://www.theafronews.com/category/entertainment/

The show included two special e-poems  by the well known poet Germain Droogenbroodt. A feature coming soon.