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Featured e-poets on the World Poetry Radio Show.

World Poetry Celebrates Chris Belcourt!


Ariadne’s Notes:  The World Poetry Cafe radio show, CFRO 100.5 FM on Feb. 13 at 1:10 pm PST was honoured to welcome the talented poet Chris Belcourt. He told us about his journey and the importance of new coping skills, his passion for healing and for justice. Chris seems to have a wonderful ability to give others support and encouragement. He also stressed the importance of having a strong support system when things get difficult.


A talented poet With A Passion for healing and fire for justice! lived through drug addiction and homelessness at 16 to tell his story on the radio!


aids became a potential crisis at sixteen, drugged himself by anger and bitterness until he became cold at nineteen. 

friendships fell through the cracks in the floor 

and his emptiness became his conscious 

for weeks he drudged  up the energy and for months resented his entity later on having lost himself completely

foundations for change set in motion turbulence of positive vibration

metamorphosis and maturation

beckoned the boy who lost his innocence

now he lives sunrise to sunset,

knowing he’s responsible for what’s left,

he lives precariously, forever wandering a 

path he saw as abysmal and bleak.

Chris Belcourt (C) All rights reserved by the author.


World Poetry Celebrates Wolf Spirit Films!

 Ariadne’s Notes!  The World Poetry Cafe 100.5 FM at 1:30 pm PST, Feb. 13 celebrated the BC FILMMAKER GORDON LOVERIN WHO SELECTED TO REPRESENT CANADA IN PRESTIGIOUS BERLINALE FILM FESTIVAL PROGRAM. We also celebrated his producing director, Pamela Jones for directing his moving film, the Blue Rose. Worldwide listeners also tuned in to hear this remarkable story about the films and the impact that Indigenous films are having. Gordon Loverin also gave an important history in the difficulties of First Nations people over many years. It was meaningful to me because of our family ties with the Yupik Nation in Alaska and the effects that the persecution has had on our family. It is so wonderful to see history being shared thanks to all the indigenous, courageous filmmakers.

Don’t miss the show here! 

World Poetry Cafe Team Members: Ariadne Sawyer, host and producer, Victor Shartzman tech and co-host, Diego Bastinutti, co-host, and Sharon Rowe, our special volunteer whose Big Bessie stories are read on the radio every week. 

 “Breaking news: Vancouver, February 4th, 2020 — It’s not every day you get summoned by the Consul General of Germany, but that’s what happened to BC filmmaker Gordon Loverin. Now he is off to Berlinale, one of the biggest feature film festivals and markets in the world to represent Canada.

“It was surreal”, says Loverin. “We invited Dr. Klaus Schmidt, Consul General for Germany in Vancouver to the screening of the documentary I directed called, Beyond Human Power. Two days later we were in his office, a short time after that, I got the call that I was chosen as one of the twenty-five filmmakers from around the world, and the only Canadian in a delegation hosted by the prestigious Goethe Institute.” Loverin will have meetings set up with German filmmakers and production companies with the goal of sharing information about the film industry in Canada, and to help facilitate collaborations and co-productions.

“I’m excited because two of the projects I’ll be pitching are set in the Yukon,” says Loverin. “It’ll take time, but if we can get funding and roll, it’ll be a boon for the area.”

Loverin, who is from the Tlingit and Tahltan First Nations, has strong ties to the Yukon and was invited to screen two of his films at the Available Light Film Festival in Whitehorse this past weekend. Beyond Human Power, which is now screening on CBC Gem, is a documentary feature that centres on Canada’s anti-potlatch law, and features the Yukon’s Dakhká Khwáan Dancers and the Daghalhaan k’e dance group and features the Yukon’s Dakhká Khwáan Dancers and the Daghalhaan k’e dance group. Loverin’s short film The Blue Rose, directed by his producing partner, Pamela Jones, is about a young woman using boxing to overcome childhood trauma.

“We created Wolf Spirit Films to bridge cultures,” says Loverin. “This is a perfect example of how entertainment can bring people together.”

I also appreciated the kindness shown to the talented Afghan Filmmaker Rahmat Hardari who needed encouragement to start making his films again.

Wolf Spirit Films is going to The 70th annual Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival which is scheduled to take place from February 20th to March 1st, 2020.

Source: Nicola Pender 

For More Information on Wolf Spirit Films: 

World Poetry Celebrates Shirley Sue-A-Quan!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Cafe radio show featured the moving poetry of Shirley Sue-A-Quan. Due to a station problem, only 25 minutes of the original show was saved but Hector at the station was able to recover the whole show with World Poetry Ambassador Amita J Sanghavi, on December 19 at 1:10 pm PST and Shirley Sue-A-Quan at 1:30 pm PST.  LISTEN To  Entire The Show Here: .

Then this website went down and I had to get it fixed. I am really behind on posting the features but will try to get them all in as soon as possible. Co-host, Diego Bastinutti, tech Victor Schwartzman and Sharon Rowe.  

Shirley Sue-A-Quan is a talented poet, translator, and part of the Wonderful Chinese Canadian Authors group. Here are two poems in Chinese and English: 

曹小莉 2017 10

Thoughts By the Fraser River
Poem by Shirley Sue-A-Quan
Translated by Shirley and Trev Sue-A-Quan
Dear Fraser River,
You flow from the high mountain ridge,
winding down to the south end of Vancouver,
Pouring into the ocean.
This riverside is the place to refresh my soul
In a country for me to embrace Nature.
Look at the silver flashes on your surface,
The reflection of an old man fishing in the river
Wild geese perched on the shore,
Crickets singing in the grass.
Huge logs float in the water,
waiting to be transported far and wide.
Purple roses and blackberries add beauty to each other,
Squirrels jump to yield a way to passing dogs.
When did these tall cranes appear in the air?
Real estate investments have come to this best-kept secret area
Huge advertisements claim proudly and loudly,
that this is the last riverfront treasure of Vancouver.
Elegantly dressed men and ladies,
Eloquent real estate agents,
Pushing the price like waves higher and higher
700 square feet condos for only 800,000 dollars,
The colour of money glitters more brightly than all of Nature’s
People are signing and talking,
Vancouver is no longer the one we remember
Gold diggers, house flippers, shadow dealers
Luxurious mansions sprout like mushrooms after rain.
It is the current fashion of a new business.
How can we tell our descendants?
Hereby the water there were hundreds of geese, birds, seagulls,
Branches and bushes full of berries
And a big river shining with silver flashes.
Houses were for people to reside,
Ordinary folks could afford to live in this city,
Parents, grandparents, and kids could live nearby
Will this once beautiful reality become a distant dream that cannot be reached?

August 25, 2018, Vancouver. Shirley Sue-A-Quan (C)


2019 August 24
To my 10-day-old darling granddaughter Brooklynn
Your lips are like rose petals
So pretty, blooming in your face.
Ten days you’re in this world,
Sleeping like in a honey land.
Sometimes you open your eyes,
Around you are the looks of love.
Two little brothers touch you,
Wondering where you’re from.
Young parents sprinkle you with love
Imagining where you’re going.
The older generation of us,
Suddenly feel like becoming a tree trunk.
Our forefathers were strong roots,
We hold you in our arms, my blossom.

Shirley Sue -A-Quan (C)