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World Poetry Celebrates Viva Vinson!






Ariadne’s Notes: An  very special  show with the lovely Viva Vinson on the World Poetry Café, CFRO 100.5 at 1:30 pm PST on May 16th . It was such a pleasure to learn about the wonderful work she has been doing with the creative arts  for at risk youth and those who do not have the support to impower their  creativity, Also, she sang for us on the radio show which delighted the radio listeners.  She is a real heroine in her work and her world wide performances. Viva was sent to us by the great Osiris Muir of 15 minutes. 







Viva started her career performing with Le Miz, an all-female, Broadway musical revue, under the direction of Sandra Rohr. In her late teens, Viva put her musical interests aside to pursue an acting career in film and television, appearing in such productions as “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, “A Different World”, “Cop Rock” and the cult-classic “Roadside Prophets”, to name a few . Viva pursues both a career in music and acting, while trying to inspire young artists through performing arts education programs, and advocating for free arts education for impoverished and At-Risk youth.Viva’s greatest delight and solace comes from listening to classic soul, Jazz, R&B and Blues. “One of my deepest passions is listening to fantastic live music. Being able to sing and perform is just an extension of the energy and bliss I receive from listening. Viva made her way to Asia in September 2003 where she performed at The Island Shangri-La Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s 97 Group, such venues as Post 97, Club 97 and Kee Club, The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Park 97 Shanghai, Coco Blues Thailand, Sheraton Bangkok, Plaza Anthanee Le Meriden Bangkok, Harry’s Jazz Club Singapore, Hilton Kuala Lumpur, Hilton Wangfujing Beijing, The Metropole Sofitel, Hanoi Vietnam, The Shangri-La Singapore, and many others…Viva has also performed at various corporate functions. Her corporate clients include Omega, The Forum, Swarovski, Park ‘n Shop, Watson’s Water and many others.Viva has also appeared at many clubs, restaurants and hotels in her native town Los Angeles, California, such as; Café Cordial, Barone’s, Giovanni’s, Vitello’s, Club Aura, The Langham Hotel Pasadena, The Spot, and many others.



World Poetry Celebrates Nima Tshering !






Painting by Mahmood Jan. Peace Poet from Afghanistan  

Ariadne’s News: On May 2, 1-2 pm PST, CFRO 100.5 FM, the World Poetry Café radio show had a fascinating show with celebrating two book launches with Nima Tshering from Bhutan and Ahmad Ahmad Al-Khatat, a talented Iraqi Canadian poet! I will do separate features for each guest.

The show began with a healing song by a Hopi Elder and later continued with a solo woman’s voice song in a cave in Albania that is supposed to have the best acoustics in the world.

Featured e-poem Rain of Peach Petals was also from Bhutan sent by Ngawang Tenzin ,currently working as Radio Jockey for Tsangla (Native dialect of eastern populace) for Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation.

This was an  special show for us with two book launches, a recorded message from Bhutan and a poem in Arabic by Ahmad Al-Khatat, a short story from Sharon’s new book More Big Bessie Stories  and more!






“The title of my book is “songs of lonely raven” here is the synopsis of my book, I heard the old, old men say, poetry is a tapestry of thoughts and wonders. And I truly believe that one cannot be a poet without connecting with nature: a strong bond exists between the nature and the poet. To live and die without wondering and asking questions is a life wasted. Life has a lot to offer us and if we even try to unlock these treasures buried deep inside us, its has the ability to change us. Scientist use deduction and empiricism to understand nature: whilst poetry is the poet’s magic tool and always remember all that is wild is beautiful and wondrous like the daises.”

“You can purchase  the book from me. Email me at, “

Note: the material below was taken from messenger and may be hard to read.


World Poetry Café Show Proudly Presents 16 Year Old Luxi Xu from Portugal!

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show CFRO, 100.5 FM with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Anita Aguirre Nieveras were honoured and excited to  feature the talented and amazing Luxi  Xu  who called  from Portugal on June 16th. Luxi had to get up early to make the 5:02 am call for the show at 9:10 pm PST! Her words of wisdom for young writers were memorable  and the introduction to each poem set up the poems beautifully. *Note: We have her parents permission to feature her and instead of her photo, we are using the book cover which has a fascinating introduction. Also thanks to publicist Andrea Hawman for her great work in connecting us. Music by Stan Rogers, Canadian musician and singer.

Don’t miss this special show! CLICK HERE!



Luxi   Xu is a 16-year-old student from Lisbon, Portugal with a passion for writing. A junior in high school, she is the head editor of a student magazine, writer for a parent magazine and teacher assistant for 6th grade English class. She speaks Mandarin Chinese, Wenzhouhua, English, Portuguese and French fluently, Spanish at a reasonable level and knows basic Japanese. Beyond writing, Xu loves to read and draw. “Vulnerability” is her first book to be published. – facebook page: – blog – to purchase the book.

***16 years old, seven languages, one poetry collection!
Young author draws on teenage experience for new book.
LISBON, Portugal – Between her roles as head editor of a student paper, writer for a parent magazine, head of a school house, teacher assistant and now author, Luxi Xu’s schedule suggests she desires something greater than a typical 16 year old.
In her new poetry collection “Vulnerability,” Xu provides a humanized look into a variety of longings and emotions from her vantage point as a teenager.
“I spend the majority of my time creating personas and worlds in my mind, which I try to trap on paper before they escape,” Xu said. “So these words will be strange and peculiar but all the more attractive.”
Xu, a Portugal native with Chinese heritage, also reflects on different cultures in her work. With a passion for languages, she now speaks seven from four continents.
“My experiences are unique,” Xu said. “Culture clash manifests itself within me through both controversial and extremist views of the world.”
“Vulnerability” asks questions about love, life and humanity. Through her experiences, Xu illustrates hardships and glories.
By: Luxi Xu
ISBN: 978-1-4969-4417-7
Softcover retail price: $14.95
E-book retail price: $3.99
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and AuthorHouse


I present to you my beating heart,

Pumping my dreams across your shoes.

I offer you my silenced lips

To tenderly kiss till love bears fruit.

I give to you my mind

Scarred and dented with slivers of absolute.

Accept me as I am before you

Stripped bare and bleeding truth.

Crying tears through drying routes

Torn apart by darkness and youth.

Perpetually changing, rambling,

And my words sealed with the silence.

My thoughts trapped at my fingertips

While I embrace them as my soul.

I present to you my shattered heart

Stomped on and spat on by your careless words.

I offer you my trembling lips

With cracked smiles that can hide no more.

I give to you my soul

As you rip it from me and call it your own.

Accept me for who I am and not

What I have come to believe.

See me for the real me and not

What the world perceives.

You’ve taken my heart, my mind, my soul,

And it all comes down to my stupidity.

I am now left with nothing. Breathless

Alone with my vulnerability

Luxi Xu ©