Sushila Kadian, World Poetry Featured Poet from India!


World Poetry Featured Poet

Sushila Kadian was born in Rohtak(Haryana) India. She has spent most of her growing years travelling in North Easter Region of India. Sushila graduated with Honours in Zoology from Tinsukhia College under Dibrugar University, Assam(India).
A prolific writer, right from her matriculation years with short stories , fiction, poems and other articles have appeared inseveral newspapers, magazines, vis.
The Teenager, Sahtriya Sahara, North-Eat Sun, Sunrise, Anunodaya, The Sentinel, The Assam Tribune, Poets Guild, Savvy and Famina.
Her first collection of poems Bottled Emotions was published by Writers Forum, Ranch, India in the year 1999. Her other works are Bunch of Blooms(2004) and Tales From My Diary(2010). She continues to write poetry and short stories.


Sometimes, for old time’s sake
You should ring me up
For a stroll in Nehru Park
Or on the pavement of G.S.Road,
Or a cup of steaming coffee in beneath
Heaven Cafeteria.
How little I know you though?
I loved you for so long
And still do-
For old time’s sake!
Sometimes for old time’s sake
Remember me a little and meet me
You cannot forget me so completely
Though no longer I am obsessed with blind love
Which promises everything in real life,
Nothing in real life!
But, I still adore you –
For old time’s sake!
Sometimes for old time’s sake
Lets have some casual talk
And be sure of it that –
I won’t give you any details
Of how I survived after your exit
I want to move ahead
And not trap myself in dreams –
For old time’s sake!
But, once just once
Come and show me the goal
Tell me the path to tread on
Which will lead me to success –
For old time’s sake!

Sushila Kadian  (C)

9 thoughts on “Sushila Kadian, World Poetry Featured Poet from India!

  1. Monuroma....

    Its really heart touching.
    wonderful lines……. making me stop to remind me back some of the of special memorable moments of my life……………………

  2. Ajay Nand Tripathi

    Hello sushila!
    I am a fan of your poetry. This is superb. Want to see some more such kind of poetries further.

  3. Tanveer Ishraq

    Hellow madam !!
    Its nice to see your poetry here. I have read all your poetries and stories published before. I really liked the book “Tales from my Diary”. Hope to see some more soon…..

  4. jasvindersingh

    Without any iota of doubt Ms.Sushila Kadian is aprolificwriter, a renowned poet .She has poured out her tender feelings of love and its pit falls in her poems and short stories which have been read with an avid interest by me. Her experiences in life which she has mentioned in her poems and short stories speak voluminously to inspire the readers to think over them introspectively, and to learn a lot ab out human traits which moreoften than not influence us in one way or the other.
    Without any prejudice or favourtism she deserves to be notice as apoet and a story writer at international level to be suitably awarded forher noticable works.
    Jasvinder Singh


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