World Poetry Celebrates the Poet Barry Plamondon !





Film display at UBC Library, World Poetry Peace and Human Rights Festival.

Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show on February 8, on CFRO 100.5 PM at 1:PM, PST welcomed a number of guests, including an e-peace poem from e- features: Malik Ahmed and the multilingual poet Alfonso Martinez Pretel from Spain.  Other guests included the amazing poet Barry Plamondon reading from his new book, a  surprise special birthday party for the renowned pianist and touring composer, Satoko Fujii  with her solo 60th birthday CD with special welcoming guests Yurie Hoyoyon and  Soramaru Takayama  in Japanese and English.

We are featuring the talented unsung hero Barry Plamondon! 









Barry was born in  Penticton B.C. and grew up in South Van,graduated from David Thompson High School, 3 yrs. in U.B.C. Arts program, certificate in Practical Horticulture-B.C.I.T.20 yrs. as professional landscaper turned to poetry after suffering two strokes, -lived for 25 yrs. In Maple Ridge Barry is married with 7 children. He has published 4 books so far-the latest one-“Man and Nature, Silver Bow Press and has appeared in various other anthologies He is an administrator at website-A Poet’s Diary.  His interests include gardening, nature, music and hockey.

Also on the show, a lovely poem from his daughter,  Dominique Marie Plamondon!








Go now my son to do what you must

Let not your youth be encased in rust

Like the fledgeling,you must fly from the nest

To learn on your own is usually what’s best

For I have taught you all that I know

And I still watch with pride as you grow

Life’s lessons do not always come with ease

Sometimes, you must coax them and tease

And still to fall flat upon your face

Yet to rise up and get back in the race

That’s all you’ll ever need to know anyhow

So hug me once, my son and then you must go 

Barry Plamondon (C) All rights reserved by author.


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