World Poetry Presents The One and Only Bmaster from Gambia!


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World Poetry welcomes the incomparable musician and radio show host, the Bmaster, just back in the Gambia after a successful tour in England.He has created a beautiful Peace Song that we have played on the World Poetry Café Radio Show with great success. It is also a delight to listen to his radio show in Gambia.

Radio: Afri-radio 107.6FM

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The Bmaster has Supplied Beats for clients and recorded artist from, America, UK, Jamaica, Canada, Asia, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Austria and he has also recorded artist from almost every country in Africa. Producer of many different genres and blends of music including : Indie Hip Hop, Electronica, Alternative, Country, RnB, Metal, Chill-out, Gospel , Zouk, Niaja, Adult Contemporary, Reggae, Industrial and Folk Music. You name it and we can provide it. with an experience team working around the clock, you can be sure we will get the job done right.

Bolanle Ekanoye a.k.a BMaster is a multiple talented Gospel singer, songwriter, producer, sound engineer, Radio presenter, TV presenter, Drummer and Music Director. His unique blend of intimate session of praise worship, high class visuals, and his energetic style of ushering congregations into the presence of God is affecting lives worldwide. Bolanle (BMaster) leaves his audiences mesmerized both emotionally and spiritually. BMaster began his musical career at a very tender age, under the tutelage of his childhood friends Deejones and Samuel in a Gospel group called CD BOIZ (CHRIST DOMINATION BOIZ), as Gospel R&b,Soul And Rap Artist in 1996 at Abuja, Nigeria. His decision to become a gospel singer has to do with a close encounter with The man of God Bishop Macjones, when he began has an instrumentalist in the Church. He recounts that it was in this moment as he lay on his time, life and everything into the things of the spirit of God and being impacted with the word of God up till date, with his mother, sister and Brother encouraging him into the things that which God has impacted him to do, to deliver to the congregation of God’s children. it later looks as if he’s going nowhere, It seemed like an irresistible offer to God as immediately he entered into that covenant, his body began to regain strength and power to serve like never before. It was then that Bolanle ‘The Worshiper’ as he is popularly known as “BMaster” In rising to the pinnacle of achievements in Gospel music, his hall of fame is replete with these significant laurels,while he base in The Gambia and started recording Various Top Gambian artist and artist from America, UK, CANADA, JAMAICA, HOLLAND, GERMANY, SWEDEN, AUSTRIA e.t.c and he has also recorded artist from almost every country part of AFRICA AND ASIA : he organized his first Gospel concert in 2005 at Christ Embassy church in The Gambia were he worship as The Music director in congregation with most highly respected people of The Gambia with different choirs from other church denominations. from 1998 to 2010, he received numerous honors and accolades for his contribution to the gospel community in Gambia and Nigeria,His hit single song called “GOD OF WAR” Has really made an impact to the live of many,and the video also has a remarkable professional touch,and also a blessing to many. Added to that,his Gospel Album released in 2009 Tilled “SUCCESS IN YOU”, is another remarkable events that took place in Gambia,with an impact of the best G.S.M company,serving the songs for the public as a ring tone For Bolanle Ekanoye (BMaster), it is an honor and privilege to stand and lead God’s children in the art of spiritual intimacy. His ministry houses, the presence of God and where God’s heart is, His hand will be. Testimonies of healing and breakthrough follow him wherever he sets up to praise. He has performed in a number of churches and other African neighborhood countries. At the moment,from 2012 BMaster’s main task is to come up with Talents gospel programme, Gospel music concerts,seminars on praise and worship, improve the lives of those less privileged in Gambia and Africa and indeed other parts of the world. In this regard he has stepped up to set up a Ministries Charity Project,”MERCY AND GRACE MUSIC THE GAMBIA” therefore watch out for more updates with BMaster from The Gambia (West Africa)

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YOUTUBE: Bolanle Ekanoye

Radio: Afri-radio 107.6FM

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