World Poetry Proudly Presents Laura Kelsey from Canada!

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Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Jaz Gill welcomed the well known musician and poet Laura Kelsey to the radio show, January 21, CFRO 101.FM. Also included in the show was a special dedication to Lini Grol, who is now 101 and continues to write and share her wisdom. The show covered a wide variety of subjects and music, including where the creative voice comes from. CLICK HERE to listen!

Laura Kelsey: Young and primal; an ego of conciousness; a spirit in tune with the moon. Religion, psychology and even science has suggested there are three main aspects to a human’s self. If it’s true, where does the voice reside? Where is fear and feeling? Laura is exploring the different aspects of being in Cycles, Energy & Art, a book-length project paired with music. Also touching on A Shadow and Going Over the Branches, she ventures into Hell and the Dreamworld and invites you to come along.

 Friday, January 30th IMU presents FREEFLOW, RETURN OF THE STERN & DISPELL @ The Railway Club, 579 Dunsmuir . Show 9:30pm / $10 cover

FREEFLOW – Combining dynamic, rhythm-fused soul with funk, reggae, rock and electronica, Freeflow creates something that’s wholly original — music for and of the people. Their electrifying live shows deliver ass-shakin’ grooves that have turned many a sold out crowd into frenzied disciples while getting even the most jaded club hoppers jumping around.

RETURN OF THE STERN has been bringing their captivating, groove-based music around town for the past 4 years. Playing a combination of originals and covers, they’ve garnered attention for their honest, fresh and fun approach to funk-jazz.

DISPELL – Fronted by talented and enigmatic singer Laura Kelsey, Dispell blends jazz, funk and blues rock into original songs and selected covers. Featuring alumni of Stabilo, Sain Arden, Freeflow and others, they’ve played thousands of local shows, tours and festivals between them.

 Songs can be downloaded here


Pomegranates are Hard to Eat

One by one, like tiny red teeth
iridescent with white roots
planted in the sour meat of the fruit.
Bunched, clusters of salmon eggs
jelly surrounding the crunchy little bones
of the baby fish.

So much work,
you complain too much
but worth every moment
I add.
My scarlet-stained fingers have to peel
nails digging
juice sprayed across my face like blood.

What is that fruit’s carbon footprint?
so skeptical.
I throw it to the ground, skin imprinting earth.
About the size of a pomegranate

I reply.
You leave
I am left eating the seeds.

Laura Kelsey©

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