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World Poetry Celebrates Candice James!

Ariadne’s Notes:

World Poetry Café Radio Show  with hosts Ariadne Sawyer, Neall Ryon , super tech Victor Schwartzman and volunteer Sharon Rowe welcomed the talented Candice James , Poet Emerita of New Westminster, in a special Memorial Day Celebration on October 10th on CFRO 100.5 FM with music and poetry.

To hear this fascinating show and listen to the Poet Laureate Emerita:







Candice James was Poet Laureate  of The City of New Westminster 2010-2016 and is currently Director of the Pacific Festival of the Book Society,  founder of Royal City Literary Arts Society;  “Poetic Justice”; “Poetry in the Park” and “Poetry New West. 

She is Past President of the Federation of British Columbia Writers and is a full member of The League of Canadian Poets . 

Candice is the recipient of World Poetry Empowered Poets Award; Bernie Legge Artist/Cultural award, Pandora’s Collective Citizenship award  and she is the author of 11 books of poetry.

A Special Poem:

Architects Of Liberty

(For the 100th anniversary of The Battle Of Vimy Ridge April 9, 2017)

 ©Candice James, Poet Laureate, New Westminster, BC CANADA


The spirits of the fallen soldiers,*

Ghostly sentinels of the Vimy Oaks, still stand on guard;

They witness the return of the acorns

And know they are remembered and held in high regard.


They live on in our memory

Those architects of liberty,

Who gave their lives at Vimy Ridge;

Victims of war’s sacrilege.


They set their boots on foreign land;

Canada’s sons on command.

Gunfire echoed overhead.

Men fell wounded; men fell dead.


Reverberating through the years:

The emptiness and the tears;

The stain of anguish and bloodshed;

The silent bodies of the dead.


They gave their lives to keep us free,

Those architects of liberty.


We wear the blood red poppy…

Lest We Forget.


  • Three thousand five hundred and ninety-eight (3,598) Canadian soldiers were killed during the battle of Vimy Ridge (April 9, 1917) but the result was an impressive victory over German forces. The “return of the acorns” acts as a reminder that their bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten.



World Poetry Celebrates Diversity, May 14th, New Westminster, BC!

An exciting program coming together on May 14th 2-4 PM !

World Poetry Celebrates!


LitFest New West!

Many languages, many cultures.

One goal: A united voice of poetry!

May 14 2pm – 4pm

  Douglas College Aboriginal Gathering Place 4th Floor, 700 Royal Ave, New Westminster.

Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Anita Aguirre Nieveras, Welcome poems, English and Mandarin.

Opening poem: Candice James, Poet Laureate Emeritus of New Westminster.

   Dr. Garg, Hindi, Sanskrit   

Lucy Ortiz, Spanish

Tommy Tao, Cantonese  

Faith Jones, Yiddish

 Selene Bertelsen, Middle English

 Hae Young Kim, Korean

 Anita Aguirre Nieveras, Tagalog 

Yaman Saleh, Arabic

Sattar Saberi  & Mobin Saberi,  Farsi (Unsung Hero)exhibir and film screenings 049

      All welcome. Free! 604-526 4729 www.worldpoetry.ca

Below: Dr, Ajay Garg.


World Poetry Celebrates Candice James Poet Laureate From Canada!

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Ariadne’s notes: The World Poetry Café Radio Show with Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Neall Ryon welcomed the amazing poet Candice James, Poet Laureate of New Westminster to the show on CFRO 100.5 FM , on Tuesday September 29, 9-10 pm. Also presented were  gifts of appreciation to Sarah Jo, to thank her for her great help as an operator and mentor to the show. Also, featured was  a Peace Song from Mali for the 24 Hour Peaceathon. CLICK HERE for the show.


Featured Poet

Candice James is New Westminster’s Poet Laureate, serving her second 3 year term of office. Her first publication, “A Split in the Water” (Fiddlehead: 1979) was the start of nine collections of poetry and the most recent is“Merging Dimensions” (Ekstasis Editions 2015). She is Founder, Director and Past President of Royal City Literary Arts Society; Past President of the Federation of BC Writers; Founder of Poetry In the Park, and co-founder of Poetic Justice. Candice enjoys life as a visual artist as well as a singer/songwriter/musician. Further detailed info can be found under Candice James at Wikipedia.org: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candice_James

The Afterglow

Words come together

In unisons and forms.

Some create tsunamis,

Others summers storms.

Words can hold a world of wisdom

In a tender tear;

Or wipe away deep seated scars

The wounds of yesteryear.



Poetry is a horse

Of another colour;

A mare that’s thrown its shoe;

A dog that’s slipped its collar;

An independent wildcat

Born of another ilk

Purring satin stanzas,

Weaving them with silk.


When words are linked in meter

Or wrapped inside a form

They weave a magic world

Of heartbeat and mind-storm.

The universe and cosmos

Fill our imagination

And poetry’s the afterglow

Of souls’ inspiration.

The sweet,

The bittersweet

and poetry…


Create the afterglow.

© 2015 Candice James, Poet Laureate,

New Westminster, BC CANADA