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World Poetry Celebrates the Great Canadian Poet Kathy Figueroa!

Ariadne’s notes: We are proud to honor the excellent Canadian poet Kathy Figueroa. She has written  a wonderful tribute to her dog who has passed on. This poem is for all those whose beloved pets have passed on. I wrote several poems to Pebbles, our wonderful cat who was such an inspiration to us all. Also our 16 year old cat, Sir Thomas Rigg Kimball is getting on and we are aware of this. This feature is for all that have lost beloved pets and who may do so  in the future. Thank you so much, Kathy!






Kathy Figueroa
Canadian poet, Kathy Figueroa, has entertained newspaper and magazine readers with her frequently humorous poems for over a decade.  Her versified, and sometimes irreverent, views of the world, encompassing a wide variety of subjects, have appeared in the Bancroft, Ontario newspapers over one hundred times, as of October, 2015.  These snippets of rural Canadian culture, originating from a rocky patch of wilderness on the great Canadian Shield, can also be found in dozens of print anthologies, in the vast universe of cyberspace – which includes many websites and blogs originating in other countries – and on the pages of her four published books:  “Paudash Poems,” “Flowertopia,” “The Cathedral of the Eternal Blue Sky,” and “The Ballad of the PoeTrain Poeteer:  Winnipeg to Vancouver.”  A fifth volume is scheduled to be released in 2016.

Along with participating in poetry readings in a multitude of large and small communities across the country, Kathy has also created and organized events, including “The Word Is Wild Literary Festival,” staged over two days in 2014.  She established the “Poets’ Society of Hastings County North,” a monthly writing group for poetry, short story, and theatrical play enthusiasts, which, in September, 2015, celebrated its fifth year by becoming a member group of the Algonquin Arts Council.

In addition to Kathy’s adventures in the realm of poetry, she’s also penned numerous freelance newspaper articles, since 2004, which have been frequently accompanied by her photographs.  Kathy can be contacted at:  flowertopia.studio@gmail.com.

Here are some additional links:

http://quinteartscouncil.org/profile/kathy-figueroa/ https://www.facebook.com/Kathy.Figueroa.Poetry/ https://about.me/kathyfigueroa https://twitter.com/kathypoetry https://www.facebook.com/PoetsSocietyOfHastingsCountyNorthOntarioCanada/

A Bleak November Day

The sky is powdery grey
And a cold wind is blowing
All the warmth has gone away
But it isn’t yet snowing

The gorgeous blaze of Autumn
Has faded into the past
And nothing more than a trace
Of green will linger or last

If only sunnier days
Didn’t seem so far away …
And my old dog was still here

On this bleak November day

“A Bleak November Day” was included on the Guernsey Poets blog in November, 2013.  This blog originates in the Channel Islands.

by Kathy Figueroa (C)



Gung Haggis Fat Choy World Poetry is back! Fun, fun, fun!



Gung Haggis Fat Choy World Poetry is back!
January 10, 1-3 pm
Britannia Public Library. Britannia Public Library, 1661 Napier St.
Hosts: Ariadne Sawyer and Todd Wong

Elaine Woo
Kathy Figueroa , poet on tour
Steven Duncan
Joe MacDonald, bagpipes
Dragon Dance
Open mike
Youth section
Fortune cookies
All free!
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World Poetry Proudly Presents Kathy Figueroa from Canada!

me 2nd pic under the tree July Dallas photo IMG_0385 (2)Flowertopia front cover



The World Poetry Café Radio Show with Hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Jaz Gill, joyfully welcomed the poet on tour, Kathy Figueroa in a thought provoking and important interview. Kathy called from Seattle but will be with us on January 10th for Gung Haggis Fat Choy World Poetry, 1-3 pm at the Britannia Public Library. To hear this special show: CLICK HERE!

 Kathy Figueroa is a Canadian poet who resides in the northern part of Hastings County, Ontario, Canada – an area not unlike the Kootenay region of British Columbia where she was born and spent much of her childhood. The rugged beauty of Bancroft, officially known as “Ontario’s Most Talented Town” and the “Mineral Capital of Canada,” as well as the surrounding region, have often inspired her various creative endeavours, which include photography, as well as writing. Described as a “people’s poet,” Kathy enjoys engaging in the time-honoured tradition of submitting her work to the local newspapers and, as of mid2014, her poems have appeared in over eighty issues. Keenly interested in promoting local culture, Kathy has long been involved with different events featuring poetry and, often, music. These include a monthly open mic event, which she both organized and participated in for many years, and a writers’ group for poetry, short story, and theatrical play enthusiasts that has been meeting monthly at the Bancroft Public Library, since late 2012. In 2014, Kathy created and staged “The World Is Wild Literary Festival,” a two day event held in Maynooth, Ontario, at which a wide variety of wildly creative folks, including poets, novelists, playwrights, and songwriters, both local and from out of town, participated. Harkening back to the pioneer era, when the recitation of poetry was popular as entertainment at social events, Kathy enjoys entertaining audiences in the North Hastings area, and frequently gives hour long readings at a seniors’ residence in Bancroft. She has also participated in poetry gatherings further afield, in small towns as well as larger urban centres, such as Peterborough and Toronto, Ontario, and New Westminster, B.C. Kathy’s work has appeared in many different forms. Three collections of her poetry have been published by Brian Wrixon Books, as of 2014. These are: “Paudash Poems,” “Flowertopia,” and “The Cathedral of the Eternal Blue Sky.” Prior to that, Kathy published nine small chapbooks of poetry, as well as one containing her locally staged short play, “Conflicted About The Wolf.” Several regional magazines, as well as over twenty different poetry anthologies, have included her poems. (Along with being a contributor, she was also the North American editor of the Intercontinental Anthology on Universal Peace that was published in India.) On the Internet, Kathy’s work can be read on many poetry blogs and websites originating in numerous countries. In 2014, an art and design course at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario, utilized many of her poems to create large, colourful, typographic pictures. “A Realm of Rhyme of the Rural Kind” is an anthology of Bancroft area prose and poetry that Kathy compiled and edited, as well as contributed to. This was published by Brian Wrixon Books in November, 2014. When not engaged in literary pursuits, Kathy likes to spend time working in and photographing her extensive flower gardens, which contain several hundred different varieties of fancy daylilies. This latter endeavour has resulted in many of the photographs accompanying the poems in “Flowertopia.” Along with writing and photography, her favourite pastimes include outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking. For more information: tps://www.facebook.com/KATHY.FIGUEROA.POETRY.BOOKS.II