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World Poetry Celebates Lipstick Artist Natalie Irish!


“Hope” by Neamat  Haidari.

Ariadne’s Notes: On February 1, at 1:30 PM PST, The World Poetry Cafe Radio welcomed the exciting Lipstick Artist, Natalie Irish to the show with her fascinating comments on how she began this time consuming and physically challenging art form. If anyone one has an interesting  project that could include her, please contact her artist representative Joyce R. Wetzel, Artist Representative. Telephone/Fax No. 1-480-266-1028 · E-Mail Inquiries: jozel@cox.net  Natalie has a lot of projects on the go but is always interested in unique ones.

Natalie also spoke about living near Houston, Texas an d the way people all came together to deal with the devastating effects of the hurricane. 

World Poetry Team : Ariadne Sawyer, MA, CC, Victor Swartzman , technical engineer, Sharon Rowe, Special Volunteer. Thanks to Osiris Muir, media: 15 minutes. E-poem by Nova Kerkeb , Music: Andrew Lions.








“Natalie Irish pioneered the painting technique of applying lipstick and kissing the canvas.

Since then, people are lining up to watch her “kiss the canvas” and create an original painting of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, John Wayne or other Hollywood legends. Natalie is an internet and YouTube sensation. Her work has been featured on numerous website’s and publications world wide, including: Huffington Post, Yahoo, Time, Juxtapoz, Hi-Frutose, Glamour, Mirror UK and the Daily Mail UK. Her artwork can also be seen in the TV commercial for Magnum Ice Cream (Magnum Kisses), which was filmed in Budapest in October 2012. Natalie is also a spokesperson for Animas Heroes program (a Johnson & Johnson Company), as well as being the highlight of the Conan show on December 19, 2012, showcasing her original “Lip Art”painting of Conan O’Brien titled “Rockabilly Conan,” which hangs in the green room for celebrities to view. Natalie promoted Avon Brazil’s lipstick’s in São Paulo, Brazil and Avon Chile in Santiago by kissing the canvas and showcasing the latest lipstick colors. On October 3,2013, Natalie launched Urban Decay’s Revolution lipsticks with a live appearance at Sephora in Times Square, New York City, while showcasing eleven original lip paintings commissioned by Urban Decay. Most recently, Natalie appeared at the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm,

Sweden for the “duty free movement” event on Valentine’s Day and on March 21st, Natalie attended the Cirque du Soleil “One Drop” charity event in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she demonstrated her technique and her lip painting of Frank Sinatra titled “Chairman”was donated for the silent auction. Recently, she appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards Covergirl party in Hollywood, where she was commissioned to lip paint MTV’s logo of“Moonman.” In addition, Natalie just completed a lip painting for Fuji TV in Japan showcasing one of their popular celebrity host of a variety show, which a film crew traveled to her studio in Houston to film her in the process of painting the host. She has had recent solo exhibitions with Ectopic Works and has been featured at Scottsdale Arts and Houston Via Colori festivals.

Her works can be seen in the Roy Rogers Museum, Branson, Mo. and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in London.

For Additional Information Please Contact Joyce R. Wetzel, Artist Representative Telephone/Fax No. 1-480-266-1028 · E-Mail Inquiries: jozel@cox.net www.natalieirish.com · twitter.com/NIrish_artfacebook.come/pages/Natalie-Irish/114953305190607

Copyright © 2016 By Natalie Irish. All Rights Reserved.”

World Poetry Celebrates International Poetess Nova Kerkeb!


                        Past World Poetry Poem Display at the Vancouver Public Library.

Ariadne’s Notes: On February 1 , at 1:00 pm PST, the World Poetry Café Radio Show, CFRO 100.5 FM welcomed the international poetess Nova Kerkeb  and her lovely  e-poem on peace.


Also on the show was the internationally famous  lipstick artist, Natalie Irish  and a special peace poem by the renowned  Nova Kerkeb . Music by Stan Rogers and Andrew Lion.

World Poetry Team: Ariadne Sawyer, MA, CC, Host and producer, Victor Swartzman , sound engineer and special volunteer Sharon Rowe.





Nova Kerkeb is a universal poetess who considers herself as a citizen of the world. She started writing at the age of 7 while she started writing her very first poems. She is a Graduate in economic sciences and studied business management as well.

She grew up in a multi-lingual  environment and she is fluent in French, English, Spanish (literary Arabic and dialects) and has taken courses of Russian and Italian as well. As a child, Nova was very much impregnated by the principles of humanity, solidarity and freedom which are in her point of view very essential to Peace. She grew up in a family which was very dedicated to Africa’s liberation and was influenced by her beloved father. As a matter of fact, her father had widely contributed to the freedom fighting movement in Africa and has supported Nelson Mandela in his cause ever since 1961 at an early stage of the history.

After a long journey between Africa, Northern & Central America, the Baltics and Asia: she now lives in Europe.

She has published two anthologies, the first one dedicated to her father untitled “In souffrances tues” i.e “Untold sufferings” in 2015 and a second one untitled “…De rêves et de chimères de paix” i.e “Dreams and chimera of peace” in 2016.



When some will wish hatred I will wish you love And when others will hate you

I will love you When they will leave you on the ground and will crush you with hooves

 I will raise you up and offer you a home


For me too I am just passing through just like you, us, them?

If I had pearls I will share them with you

So that they replace your tears to replace your weapon

So that your heart becomes good

Compassionate with the hungry


I will break your chains and infuse within you Freedom and Love!


Nova Kerkeb. All rights reserved copyright Nova Kerkeb

From my poetry book untitled “In souffrances tues.

June 16, 2015

Nova’s Link for Peace: https://soundcloud.com/nova-kerkeb/peace 


World Poetry Celebrates Andrew Lion and Ruthie Dineen!


Ariadne’s Notes: The World Poetry Cafe radio show, January 18, 1-2 PM PST, CFRO , 100.5 FM, with host and producer, Ariadne Sawyer, MA, guest host, Elaine Woo, sound engineer, Victor Schwartzman and special volunteer, Sharon Rowe welcomed the exciting musical collaboration of the talented Andrew Lion and Ruthie Dineen with their new CD, Eternal Life,  Jeff  Buckley songs and sounds, produced by Negative Press Project. This is a beautiful CD and a tribute to Jeff Buckley. They are planning a tour up the Pacific Coast and we hope to be able to hear them in Vancouver! Also, on the show was poetry from Mamta Agarwal and Elaine Woo plus a peace e-poem by Belloussaief Abderrazek from Tunisia.  *Great thanks to Braitwaite and Katz.








Andrew Lion is a Bass Player/Composer and Blogger/Podcaster. He performs as a freelance bassist in Jazz, Pop and Rock settings. 








Pianist/Composer Ruthie Dineen was born in Fairfield, CA and began playing piano at an early age. She comes from a vibrant, expressive family, and explored her own creativity through music, studying and playing both jazz and classical music throughout her childhood and into adulthood

During her college years at UC Berkeley (grad. 2004) and while studying abroad in Chile and later living abroad in Costa Rica, music remained central in her life through both study and performance.

After completing her graduate studies in Social Work (grad. 2009), Dineen decided to focus professionally on music performance and community arts (she is currently the Deputy Director of Programs at East Bay Center for the Performing Arts in Richmond, CA) ruthiedineen.com

Andrew Lions along with  Ruthie Dineen are celebrating their new CD Eternal Life,  Jeff  Buckley songs and sounds, produced by Negative Press Project.

Co-led by bassist Andrew Lion and pianist/keyboardist Ruthie Dineen, the expansive electro-acoustic ensemble brings a supple textural palette to Buckley’s material, transforming his emotionally wrought, show-stopping vocal vehicles into strikingly beautiful instrumental settings. Erasing distinctions between jazz and chamber music, rock and instrumental pop, NPP expands Buckley’s legacy by tapping into his beatific lyricism.

Negative Press Project is a seven-piece electro-acoustic jazz/indie-rock–inspired original music collective.  Co-Directed by Andrew Lion and Ruthie Dineen.

“I was pleased to host the Negative Press Project recently and they delivered an enjoyable show. It was high in adventure and exuberance, with a variety of original charts and a sweet front-linehorn section. They made odd meters sound not so-odd and their writing was never predictable. They give hope for the future of creative music.”

~ Jimmy Pedersen http://avonovamusic.com