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Peace Poetathon

WP Group PhotoEmpower Peace!  A World Poetry Peace initiative fueled by love, hope and faith!

Join Guest Host First Nations Poet Wanda John-Kehewin on the World Poetry Cafe!

Guest host.


Wanda John-Kehewin is from the Kehewin Cree Nation in Alberta. She lives and works in North Vancouver. She has studied criminology at the NEC and Douglas College; Sociology and Aboriginal studied at Langara, and attended SFU’s TWS Creative Writing Program. She grew up on the Reservation and a huge part of her writing is created from the injustices she saw and experienced. Her work is published in UBC’s Aboriginal Anthology, Salish Seas, and elsewhere; she has shared her “truth” through many readings. Wanda has two daughters and two sons who definitely inspire her write and heal through the creative writing process. Her first book of poetry “In The Dog House”, published by Talon Books was launched at the World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival at UBC.  Wanda received a World Poetry Empowered Poets Award at the festival.

CLICK here for Wanda’s interview with the World Poetry Cafe  Radio Show Co-founder , and producer, Ariadne Sawyer and a special E-Poem by World Poetry Award Winner and Internet Launch Director Saleh Mazumder.

World Poetry Proudly Presents Md Saleh Mazumder from Bangladesh!

Featured Poet

Ariadne’s  note : We are so pleased to welcome a new World Poetry Member Md Saleh Mazumder from Bangladesh.  He writes:

“My name is Md Saleh Mazumder.
DOB: 1st September 1985,
 Born: In Dhaka, Bangladesh
Education : BSC honors in Information Technology under University
of    Greenwich. Profession : Importer, trader and distributor of electronics accessories.

Publication: ” Boshonter Kobita”ISBN: 978-984-503-024-3.The poetry book contains 105 poetries in Bangla. has been published on the 2nd December 2012 but will be available to the readers at the book fair in Dhaka, Bangladesh which will be held at 1st February 2013.

 Publication: “Lyrics of Saleh Mazumder”
 ISBN-13: 978-1480284029 ISBN-10: 1480284025
 The book contains 45 poems which was published on 10th September 2012 and is available to readers across USA.

 “I am a poet, has been writing since 2007. Writing is my passion  rather than profession.  Day by day writing has become the thrust of  my soul. I  write in my native language Bangla and English and so far have written more than 250 poetry in Bangla and 75 in English.I believe poetry is a strong media to express the desire, feelings and the statements of heart to the world. I am inspired by the famous Nobel Lauriat South Asian poet Rabindranath Tagore, my  national poet Kaji Najrul Islam and the famous English poet E. E. Cummings.

 Whenever I read a poetry of Tagore it touches my soul and drags me to the paper. I don’t know how well I do it but it is become like prayer to me since I have started to write.  The Modern Poetry of E.E Cummings also inspired me to write romantic poetry.

I chose to be the member of the World Poetry Society because I want to be a delegate of poetry to the people. It’s an international platform and I believe I could be able to enrich myself with the  experiences and writing of other poets of the  World Poetry Family.

If you allow me. it would be an honor to be a delegate of world poet society in my native land Dhaka.

 Below is the poem I would like to share with you.”


Let’s make this world beautiful,
Let’s make a WISH
Let’s fill this world with Love,
Let’s make a WISH.
We have one world
which we devote to share,
It’s a dedication to the soul
to carry it out in our own.
We have no time to spare,
Let’s erase the tear
Let’s put our hands together,
We will have it in our own,
We have nothing to fear.
no time to spare
Let’s make a WISH.
Let it work.

Md Saleh Mazumder (C)