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World Poetry Proudly Presents Dr. Sarojini Pritam from India!

Sarojini Pritam







Dr. Sarojini Pritam is a lone crusader of humour in prose and poetry. She had been a columnist of humorous poetry writing for more than two decades. She is very well known as specialized writer of flickers in Hindi and English languages. She feels “ humour is a detergent which clears all the mental webs.” She has written hundreds of poems containing wit, humour and satire. She has provided new dimensions to humour poetry. Her writings, both  in  prose and poetry , are ornate with her in-depth thinking, and exalting emotions. As an academician, an author and a poetess she has been enjoying a very venerated status among her friends, admirers and critics. Her pleasant and presentable  personality whets admiration of all those she comes in contact with, and wins their hearts with her amicability and her unique style of poetic expressions, especially in humour. She expresses her thoughts in lighter vein, but leaves to the readers/audiences longer lasting impression  of poems which inspire introspection because of the messages communicated by her are of far reaching effect on the thinking of the readers. She has won many national awards in literature as marks of honour to her endeavours .


On seeing his will
The advocate was stunned
And asked :
“You are unmarried
Then how have you written
In the column of children “a son”
The client said:
“I wonder.
My lady clerk must be responsible
For this blunder
The advocate further advocates
Increase in population
Is the result of
Such mistakes.


The boss thought
Habitual late comers should be
Honored in a manner
That they should always
Hold as a banner.
After a lot of research
He claims
regular late comers
will be required
to write- ‘Late’ before their names.


Why are you after Kashmi
Give me one reason
 He said laughingly
This part of earth has gold in it
And, do you hear
This part of earth is cash-mere

By Dr. Sarojini Pritam (C)


World Poetry Newsletter! Happy Holidays!

Ariadne’s News!

Welcome to our First World Poetry Newsletter at  We wish you a Happy Holiday and a great New Year. This newsletter is the first of a series that will be posted every two months as time permits. I hope to give you features on upcoming events, World Poetry Member  Canada and International News, book reviews and articles.


One of several wonderful notes!

From: Capt. M.Suleman Mahtab. Sent: December-27-11 8:17 PM To: Ariadne Sawyer Subject: Re: Welcome to our First World Poetry Newsletter at

Thank you Ariadne Sawyer. I take this opportunity to wish you, your dear ones and all the members & associates of WP a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY PROSPEROUS & “POETIC” NEW YEAR !!

Wishing you all the best in your endeavors to promote peace through poetry………

Kind regards,
M. S. Mahtab (Former President, Canada Urdu Association) Vancouver, BC.

World Poetry Newsletter #1.

Publisher Ariadne Sawyer, MA.

World Poetry News:

We are now a nonprofit society and are learning about the responsibilities and expanses involved. Before becoming a society we paid for most expenses out of pocket. We are all volunteers and do not receive any payment for services and  most materials and awards. Our Directors are:  Bong Ja Ahn, Anita Aguirre Nieveras, Peter Lojewski, Alejandro Mujica-Olea, Heidi Mueller and Ariadne Sawyer.

 Membership: We welcome new members from Canada and around the world. Being a member gives you a variety of privileges and costs only $30.00 per year. Become a member by clicking the membership box on the right. There is an application form and more information about benefits. 

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We are excited to welcome our new World Poetry Youth Team ranging in age from 10-23.They will be performing at World Poetry Events and perhaps even in other countries. 

World Poetry New Westminster Night Out just celebrated our 2nd year at the New Westminster Public Library, our honored partners. We also celebrated our first year of with a cake and readings by many poets. The first year of World Poetry & International Face Book Group was included in the celebration. Join us on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at: 716-6th Avenue (Auditorium Room) New Westminster, BC. Featured poets, open mike, free book raffle and refreshments.
We want to thank all our wonderful poets, musicians and amazing volunteers for making World Poetry New Westminster such a success. 

In 2012, World Poetry Richmond will begin at the Richmond Cultural Centre (our honored partners) 100-7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC, Canada    This venue will be on the first Saturday of each month from 2:30-4:30 pm at    Workshops and featured readings will be presented. 

World Poetry  Richmond Canada & International Peace Festival will be on May 25-26th Richmond Cultural Centre, 100-7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC, Canada.  We have received  queries from 25 International Poets and will be continuing the Peace Festival for the month of May at different locations. One of our key partners will be the Asian Heritage Month Society who will include our poets in their venues when possible and provide media coverage. This is our 10th year with Asian Heritage and our first year as a key partner. World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Richard Doiron will be receiving his award on May 25th.  There will be music, dancing, poems for peace display and a panel as well as several book launches.  There will be more information posted soon.

In September 2012, World Poetry Life Time Achievement Award Winner Jacqueline Maire will receive her award at the Life Celebration of Chief Dan George at the Vancouver Public Library (Central Branch) Vancouver, BC, Canada.

 Next entry will be a  World Poetry summary of 2011.

World Poetry Cafe Radio Show Proundly Presents Ludwik Porc!

Featured Poet and Radio Host.

On December 13, The World Poetry Cafe Radio  Show with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Oparin Ortiz, welcomed the well known featured poet Ludwik Porc .

Featured e-poet on the radio show, Dr. Hadaa Sendoo from Mongolia with his e-poem from the Vancouver of Love Series that he wrote when he was here for the  World Poetry Li Bai Life Celebration. Dr. Sendoo will be attending the World Poetry Peace Festival in May.

Hadaa's Victoria visit

To listen to the radio show, please click here! To see the new YouTube World Poetry Video by the amazing Cer Naz, go to: She did a wonderful job!

Ludwik Porc was born in Poland , but he lived in Canada most of his life. Being exposed to great diversity and mobility – including the travel around the world – he has learnt how beautiful our universe is, especially when we live in peace, harmony, and prosperity.

He is educated in international business, science, and… of course, the arts.
He likes the most writing poetry, stone sculpture and jewellery making.*

Ludwik says: “It is ecstatic to create with love, to write poetry, especially the poetry about love – be it in the past, the present, or the future; the actual, the prayer, or just a dream -they are all fantastic reality.”*

De – Light

If I am the truth
Show me the light
That I can see myself – in you

That I can see my face in your face
Do you have the courage
To see your face – in me?

Your truth is so great
It is everywhere
So be yourself, the true one – be!

Just come proudly forward
You will recognize the same truth
For you, for me, and for all the world
 It becomes universal.

And if you want more
Tell me the truth
That you really want is
the one that is only One

Just continue to be yourself,
Keep growing and don’t change anything
You are the very beautiful person

Lets share the light
That we can see
D – e – l – i – g – h – t

In this truly beautiful world

Luwik Porc (C)


Jesli ja jestem prawda
Pokaz mi swiatlo
Ze moge sie widziec  – w tobie

Ze moge widziec moja twarz w twojej twarzy
Czy masz odwage
widziec moja twarz – we mnie?

Twoja prawda jest tak wielka
Ona jest wszedzie
Wiec badz soba, ta prawdziwa – badz !

Po prostu idz do przodu dumnie:
Ty rozeznasz  to sama prawde
Dla ciebie, dla mnie, i  dla calego swiata
– Ona staje sie uniwersalna.

I jesli chcesz wiecej
Powiedz mi prawde
Ze ty rzeczywiscie ja chcesz
Ta, ktora jest tylko Jedna.

Wiec kontynuuj byc soba,
Rozwijaj sie wciaz i nic nie zmieniaj
Ty jestes bardzo piekna osoba

Dzielmy sie swiatlem
Abysmy mogli widziec
W-i-e-l-ka   p-r-z-y-j-e-m-n-o-s-c
W tym prawdziwie pieknym swiecie.

 Translation into Polish of De-Light.

By Ludwik Porc (C)

Featured poet and our great tech!