Sonnet Mondal World Poetry Featured Poet from India!

Featured Poet Sonnet Mondal

Sonnet Mondal is a renowned young poet, writer and an innovative sonneteer.He has authored five collections of poetry and has been widely published and read all over the world.He was bestowed with honors such as Poet Laureate from Bombadil, Sweden, Doctor of Literature from United Writers’ Association, Secretary General’s honor and appointment from Poetas Del Mundo and many others.His latest books include Penumbra of Indian Verses and 21 Lines Fusion Sonnets of 21st Century which introduces a new genre of 21 Lines Sonnet. He is also the youngest Indian to be invited at the prestigious Struga Poetry Festival, Macedonia to represent India in their Golden Jubilee celebrations, which has been cited as an effort to increase the cultural cooperation between the two countries by the SPE authorities.Sonnet is the first Indian to bag The AZsacra International Poetry award 2011 sponsored from Russia and given each year to three best poets from round the globe through the Taj Mahal Review Journal.He was featured as one of the famous five among Bengali youths by India Today in 2010 and as an achiever by the Herald of India.His upcoming books include a novel in verse and the second part of 21 Lines Fusion Sonnets.He is the Founder of United Minds for Peace Society, The Enchanting Verses International, The Bombadil Review and the Musical Oasis for Resurrection. Dr. Sonnet Mondal

Love And Walnut

Charcoal burns without flames-
Red heat in the snowy night
Massages stiffened muscles.
A squirrel cracks walnuts of love.
Couples cover up spaces around the bonfire.
Place for one left…
I stand thinking to share it
With the squirrel.
Love has dimensions
Walnuts too.

Swaying Bridge Of Senescence

Why do my heart-beats
Force me:
To place scissors, knives
Upon my naked neck;
To feel
The clotting of blood
Or a flow through capillaries;
Silent in fear of
The cold metallic touch.
Boiling fluids turn icy
The joining bridge of
Life and death
Sways in senescence.

Let Me Bloom

You wait for me to open
Like a new banana leaf,
Or, as petals of a marigold
In dry winters…

You wait for the third eye
To arise and see,
Apart from walking and talking
Crowds, caring relatives
Paying jobs…

Give me water. I will bloom
Into sun
To be for the green and greenery,
For beings that need my warmth
More than you.

Sonnet Mondal (C)

Sonnet will be the featured e-poet on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show on March 22nd.

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  1. Anita Aguirre-Nieveras

    His Sonnet,
    Is that your pen name? Well, did your parents name you Sonnet because they knew you would write sonnets?


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