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World Poetry Celebrates our Fourth Peace Festival with Awake Radio!

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Exciting news! Tune in today at 5 pm Pacific Standard time on:


Featured: Carol Knepper, Richard Doiron and Corz W. Canda! “World Poetry Lives!


World Poetry gift peace poem! 575 for the festival.

The Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival!

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The Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival Proudly announces the Empowered Award Winners.

We had over 300 nominations come in, some even six months early. We wish we could honour all of you.

Each nominee was nominated by at least two people, in some cases much more. A check was made as to background, good heart,abilities and the quest for peace. The Empowerment awards are based on these qualities.

This year, the age range is from 12-100!

An award will be given to those that can attend during the month of October, for those who cannot come due to Visas or other reasons, a certificate will be sent to you by e-mail. In past festivals, awards were sent out, but most never reached their destinations. If there is a name or country error, please let us  know.

This list will be going on site and when time permits, a brief bio, photo and a poem or writing will be put on site.

The festival is coming together, created by many hours of volunteer work for peace. We are have launched a Crowd Funding site to pay for some of the costs, rather than have it come out of pocket. For more information: Go to  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fourth-world-poetry-peace-festival/x/8284778 and join the team to create empowerment and peace!!This is your festival too and the waves of peace coming from it will circle the world!You can also contribute by becoming a peace connector volunteer and helping out in the festival. Contact: ariadnes@uniserve.com or astarte_sita@yahoo.com

All the best to you and keep up the good work. Peace and the world needs you!

World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival Award Winners!

World Poetry Lifetime Achievement Award: Carol Knepper, Canada.

World Poetry Unsung Hero Award: Mobin Saberi, Canada.

World Poetry Cultural Ambassador   Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah, Ghana.

World Poetry Music Ambassador Yoshifumi Sakura, Japan.

World Poetry Cultural Ambassador: Mutiu Olawuyi, Gambia.

World Poetry Theatre Ambassador: Oswald Okaitei. Ghana

World Poetry Youth Peace Ambassador: Timileyin Olajuwon, Nigeria.

World Poetry Empowered Poets:

Janet Kvammen, Canada

Elaine Woo, Canada

Honey Novick, Canada

Una Bruhns, Canada

Lini Grol, Canada

Anviksha Srivastava. India & USA.

Corazon Wong Canda, Japan.

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, USA.

Helen Bar- Lev, Israel

Mamta Agarwal, India

Peter Thabit Jones, Wales

Stanley Barkan, USA

Adisa AJA Andwele, USA.

Samay Hamed, Afghanistan.

Lidia  Chiarelli,  Italy.  

 Murray Kion. Netherlands

Empowered Musician:

Enrico Renz, Canada.

World Poetry Empowered Graphic Artist:

Sainabou Baldeh, The Gambia.

Empowered Filmmakers

Kagan Goh, Canada.

Mary Fowles, Canada.

Rahmat Haidari, Afghanistan.

Ghafar Faizyar, Afghanistan.

Akshat Ajay Sharma, India.

Sharif Saedi, Afghanistan.

*** Three filmmakers from our new partner, Vancouver Asian Film Festival will be joining us as soon as they are selected


World Poetry Proudly Presents Corazon Wong Canda From Japan!

Featured Poet.










Ariadne’s note: “We are honoured to welcome Corazon Wong Canda to the World Poetry site. She is known for her great heart and her wonderful ability to help others. Her poems will be read on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show on November 6th in the  phone in featured show with Sultan Khilji from Lahore Pakistan.”  

The first things  that one notices about Corazon Wong Canda is her ready smile and her desire to assist others. Born in the Philippines of a half Chinese mother and Filipino father, Corazon has made Japan her home for over twenty-five years and is now a permanent residentof that country. She speaks Tagalog, Japanese, some Spanish and teaches English, full-time, as a second language at the elementary school level. She inherited a healthy love of music from her parents and plays the guitar, the hand bells and the xylophone.

A graduate of the Philippine Christian University, Corazon earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree and majored in psychology. She also took a one-year secretarial course at the Jetwriting School of the Philippines. Over the years, she developed a love of literature, especially poetry, and she now writes haiku, tanka, triolets and other short forms. Over the past year, she has been mentored by Canadian poet, Richard Doiron, whom she plans on visiting in the near-future, along with visiting another Canadian poet, Carol Knepper, also a member of World Poetry.

A true romantic, Corazon’s poetry tends to address love and matters of the heart more than anything else. The two short poems that follow are reflective of this:  

1 The Home Inside My Heart

Inside my heart, I built a home,
a home for two…for me and you.

Around this home, a landscape sown
a faithful garden therefore grown…

A garden filled with trust and care,
harmony and understanding there,

with extra care to weed the ground
so that our love’s forever found.

2 The Music Of Your Heart

In my quiet moments
of solitude and silence
I say my grateful prayer
and then listen to the beat
of your ever-loving heart
and know it as the music
by which I will soon
be made to dance.

Corazon Wong Canda (C)